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August 2012, Paver Market Analysis in China

The sales volume rebounds in August, showing a MoM growth of 53.11%.

According to the statistics of China Construction Machinery Business Online, the paver sales volume of the 14 major paver manufacturers in China totals 1624 units from January to August 2012. In August, the paver sales volume is 271 units, growing 53.11% compared with last month.

XCMG Science and Technology retains top position.

From January to August, in terms of accumulative sales volume, XCMG Science and Technology ranks the first by 446 units, a little higher than Sany Heavy Industry, with a market share of 27.46%. Sany Heavy Industry is on the 2nd place by 422 units, with a 25.99% market share. In terms of the sales volume in August, XCMG sells 93 units and Sany sells 75 units.

The market share of 8-9.5m hydraulic crawler pavers shows a YoY decline.

From January to August 2012, the demand for the hydraulic crawler paver of 8-9.5m (including 9.5m) is still the highest, with the accumulative sales volume of 755 units and a market share of 46.49%; the next is the hydraulic paver of 9.5-12m (including 12m), with the accumulative sales volume of 391 units and a market share of 24.08%.

The hydraulic crawler paver of 8-9.5m (including 9.5m) retains a high market share this year, but its market share declines by nearly 13% compared with 2011; the demand for the hydraulic paver of 9.5-12m (including 12m) grows, with its market share growing by 12.84%.

Macroscopic interpretation

1. In the first half year of 2012, China sees its GDP grow by 7.8%, which is the first time that the GDP growth dips under 8% for recent 3 years. The main reasons are mainly the slowdown of the export and investment growth. Affected by the weak global economy, China’s export is hard to recover in a short period.

2. Real estate: The growth of the commercial residential housing recently promotes the developers to increase the development strength in a certain extent, which however do not restrain the declining trend of the investment growth. In the future, on the premise that the regulation is not changed, it is predicted that the growth of the second half year will rebound slightly.

3. Railway and highway construction: According to the Ministry of Railways, China's fixed asset investment on the railway totals 580 billion yuan, among which, the investment in the infrastructure is 470 billion yuan. This means that there will be a climax on the railway invenstment in the fourth quarter. From January to August, the 227.77 billion yuan has been invested to the railway infrastructure, accounting for 48.5%, and the rest nealy 243 billion yuan will be used in the railway infrastructure in the fourth quarter.

The investment to the highway also shrinks with the year-on-year reduction of 7.8%, which is the first reduction for 10 years. We do not place too much hope on the highway construction investment in the second half year due to two reasons: 1. the local income from the earth is insufficient; 2. there is no obvious improvement on the local financing platform and channels.

4. Mining industry: Seen from the investment to the mining industry from January to July, the mining industry still keeps rapid growth. However, the price the resources represented by coal and iron ore shows a downward trend, besides, against the background of the economy slowdown, the demand and price will decline further, which will restrain the investment to the mining industry. So in the second half year of 2012, the growth of the investment to the mining industry will fall compared with the 20.9% of the first half year.

5. Water conservancy and electric power construction: From the situation of the first half year, the two industries presents relatively stable performance. In the second half year, the two industries will maintain the level of the first half year, displaying good stability.

6. Export market: “Made in China” construction machinery products have been exported to many countries, mainly focusing on countries in Southeast Asia and Middle Africa. Due to the increased overseas expansion strength of Chinese equipment manufacturers and improved product quality, the export volume must show an upward trend. Besides, the high cost performance is the biggest advantage of China-made machinery for export.

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