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Loader Market Operations and Forecast Analysis Report (2016)

In the first half of 2016, there was a downturn in the loader industry. The industry began to bottom out in July and August and started to hold steady and grow in September. In 2016, the total sales of the major 26 loader manufacturing enterprises reach ***** loaders, which reduces by *.**% year-on-year.

There are more than 40,000 inquiries for loaders on Tiebi Mall ( in 2016, which indicates that ecommerce is becoming an important channel for loader sales.

Since 2011, the construction machinery industry maintains unilateral recession, while the sales of loader industry is in a trend of terraced recession in recent five years.

Looking into the future, there are unfavorable factors like the downturn in the real estate industry and mining industry, and there are also positive situations like the steady development of traffic infrastructure. Then what is the trend of loader sales? You will find the answer in this report.

Chapter I. Industry Overview
I. Overview of Construction Machinery Industry
1. Overview of Construction Machinery Industry
2. Major factors that affect the development of construction machinery industry
3. Analysis on the development of construction machinery industry
4. Operation conditions of major listed enterprises
II. Overview of Loader Industry
1. Development history of loader industry
2. Application fields of loader products
3. Current inventory & excess production capacity
4. Major loader manufacturing enterprises
III. Latest Development Trend of Loader Industry
IV. Major Events In Loader Industry
V. Factors That Affect Loader Sales
Chapter II. Macro-Environment Analysis
I. Manufacturing Industry PMI Index Analysis
II. Steel Price Analysis
III. Fixed Assets Investment Analysis
1. Real estate investment analysis
2. Railroad investment analysis
3. Traffic fix assets investment analysis
4. Water conservancy projects investment analysis
IV. Coal Industry Situation Analysis
V. Mining Industry Situation Analysis
VI. Export Environment Analysis
1. Statistics of overseas contracting projects
2. One Belt and One Road
VII. Overseas Market Analysis
Chapter III. Market Pattern Analysis
I. Sales Analysis
II. Market Trend Analysis
III. Product Structure Analysis
IV. Regional Sales Analysis
V. Export Analysis
Chapter IV. Ecommerce Behavior Analysis
I. Analysis of Ecommerce Development in Construction Machinery Industry
II. Data Report of Basic Characteristics of Internet Users in Construction Machinery Industry
1. Construction machinery industry user group analysis
2. Regional analysis of users in construction machinery industry
3. Analysis of construction machinery users’ time online
4. Construction machinery user segment analysis
5. New/regular customer proportion analysis
III. Construction Machinery User Interest Analysis Report
1. Construction machinery users’ interest information analysis
2. Construction machinery users’ concerns analysis
IV. Analysis of Construction Machinery User’s Online Inquiry Behavior
1. Online inquiry tendency analysis
2. Number of online inquirers analysis
3. Analysis of hot construction machinery products inquired online
4. Analysis of online deals of construction machinery products in 2016
5. Online purchase satisfaction analysis
6. Online inquiry brand preference survey
7. Regional analysis of loader inquiries
8. Loader model inquiry analysis
9. Loader inquiry and deals completed analysis
V. Summary on Construction Machinery User’s Ecommerce Behavior
Chapter V. Prospect Forecast
I. Future Demand Analysis
II. Online Trading Prospect Analysis
III. Future Sales Prediction


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