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Zoomlion tower crane sets another Guinness World Record
Post Date: 2014-08-01

In the afternoon of July 26, a delivery ceremony was held at Zoomlion's Changde Industrial Park for delivery of the world's largest topless tower crane, the T3000. Zoomlion Vice President and General Manager of the company's crane division Ms. Huang Qun and Director of the China Construction Machinery Test Center Mr. Ceng Shun'an, together with more than 200 other customers and guests, attended the ceremony to witness the exciting moment when the Chinese-made world record-breaking crane was unveiled.

Following Zoomlion's successful development of the world's largest tire crane, the largest crawler crane, the largest truck crane and the largest horizontal-arm top-slewing self-erecting tower crane, the T3000 is another outstanding product that pushes world scientific research to new heights and an asset that further improves Zoomlion's crane family.

During the delivery ceremony, Guinness World Records authenticator Cheng Dong declared the T3000 to be the world's largest topless tower crane and that China's Zoomlion had set another world record. Director of the China Construction Machinery Test Center Ceng Shun'an said, "This record indicates that Zoomlion's tower crane technology stands at the forefront of world tower crane design and manufacturing, and it fully demonstrates Zoomlion's leading position and role in the global crane industry."

Zoomlion is a global leader in the tower crane field. In China, Zoomlion has ranked first in terms of market share for five consecutive years, and the company accounts for as much as 20% of the global tower crane market.

Deputy General Manager of Zoomlion’s crane division Yu Lekang explained that the T3000 will promote changes to techniques for erecting supercritical steam generators by greatly improving construction efficiency and reducing input costs, and will help Chinese topless tower cranes to leapfrog those at the international advanced level, form the core technologies of ultra-large topless tower cranes, and enhance the international influence of the Chinese tower crane industry.

Data show that the T3000 can lift a maximum weight of 160 tons; has a maximum lifting moment of 31,200 kN m, maximum working radius of 85 meters, a cross-sectional area and base that are small, and precise positioning; and that it is easy to install and dismantle, giving it a wide operating area, high efficiency and reliable safety, which means it can be widely used in the construction of thermal power stations, large arenas and stadiums, large bridges, large metallurgical plants, high-rises and other projects. Customers at the unveiling affirmed the T3000's superior performance.

General Manager of Zoomlion's crane division Huang Qun told reporters that since Zoomlion had introduced topless tower crane technology from German company JOST in mid-June 2011, the company had carried out in-depth integration of product development, technological innovation, new materials and other areas, while still carrying out independent innovation, in particular re-innovating on the basis of original innovation, integrated innovation, and introduction, digestion and absorption, in order to create core technologies and lead industry development.

Market analysts have pointed out that, after experiencing rapid growth in recent years, the global tower crane market has now entered a period of slower growth. In this context, the development of high-end products is particularly important. The T3000 will undoubtedly be another winning product that will help Zoomlion to seize global market share and create a new profit growth point. Meanwhile, Zoomlion's crane division, which was established after the company's mobile crane and construction crane divisions were integrated, has captured the market with a series of world record-making high-end products, including the T3000, D5200 and D3200, and the division's strong position right from the start has given us reason to believe that the integration of the two major business sectors of mobile cranes and construction cranes was worth the wait! (Source: Zoomlion)


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