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LOVOL exhibits at 115th Canton Fair
Post Date: 2014-08-15

On April 15, the 115th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the Canton Fair) was solemnly opened in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center. Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as the LOVOL) unveiled the newly-developed LOVOL series star tractors (25hp, 40hp and 50hp), LOVOL FL956F - Ⅱ upgraded loader and three best-selling  export-oriented motorcycle models, which constituted a brand-new product portfolio attracting great attention of the merchants at home and abroad.

The multi-purpose, multi-function tractor (40hp) , which is specially designed for the countries in the Russian language regions by the LOVOL backbone R&D force, became the most impressive in the outdoor exhibition area for construction machinery. This tractor model is characterized by the removable cab which is attractive in appearance and provides a wide field of vision, the adjustable mechanical suspension seat which provides ride comfort, the double-acting clutch which provides more superior operating performance, and the front driving axle with an enhanced mid-mounted cylinder which provides a high ground clearance, strong bearing capacity and flexible steering. The tractor provides convenience of maintenance, and can be equipped with different configurations and machines and tools to achieve farmland cultivation, intertillage management, sowing and harvesting, municipal management, gardening management, transportation and other services.

In addition, the LOVOL tractor (50 hp) with synchronizers and a flat floor also attracted the interest of many merchants. Subject to 2-year market test, it is proved that the LOVOL Series tractor with synchroshifter features smooth shifting, easy operation and excellent performance. The LOVOL Series tractor has entered the mainstream of the medium-end product market in the word and has been in the lead of the homemade comparable models.

A heat-insulated box-type neon-colored three-wheeled Regal motorcycle in the vehicle exhibition area attracted the attention of many customers. Many foreign businessmen came to watch it and discuss business with us. The motorcycle features beautiful streamline appearance, excellent handling performance and low cost advantage. Orders of more than 100 units were achieved during the exhibition. In recent years, combined with the market performance of the vehicle products in different areas of the overseas markets, LOVOL has performed a comprehensive upgrade on the export-oriented motorcycles for passenger and freight, resulting in dramatic improvement of usability, reliability and attractive appearance.

LOVOL received more than 400 customers during the exhibition. Through the exhibition, LOVOL discussed business with some key and interested customers, laying a good foundation for establishing customer relationships, developing new markets and achieving sales orders. (Source: LOVOL)

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