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XCMG XSZ2000 drilling rig spreading highlights at bauma China
Post Date: 2014-11-27

I. Self-adaption All-terrain Off-road Chassis
1. An integrated braking management system of service braking, engine braking and ABS braking ensures economic and safe vehicle operation;
2. There are three intelligent turning modes of highway travelling, steep turning and crab walk and the minimum turning diameter is 23m;
3. The good damping effect of the hydro-pneumatic suspension system ensures stable travelling;
4. An independent axle lifting technology improves trafficability and makes vehicles adapt to bad road environments such as mud, sand, snowfields and mountains;
5. A luxury cab of steel structure is designed based on ergonomics; the driving comfortableness is high and vision is wide.
II. Full-hydraulic Power Head
1. The maximum output torque is 15,400N.m and the drilling efficiency is high;
2. The drift diameter of mandrel is increased to 105mm to provide better slagging capacity; and it can be applied to reverse-circulation construction.
III. Telescopic Boring Tower
1. The effective travel of power head is 15m; the power head is applied to operation of long drill pipe and sleeve; and the operation efficiency is high;
2. Drill under compression and decompression with two oil cylinders. The maximum lifting force can be 800KN. The surface section can be drilled under compression and the maximum compression force is 200KN.
IV. Convenient Pipe Changing Mechanism
1. Another drill pipe can be lifted to the waiting position during drilling to shorten the auxiliary operation time for pipe changing operation;
2. The pipe changing automation is high to reduce labor intensity of workers;
3. A power head capable of being warped can be configured to dismount the drill pipe from the top.
V. Comfortable and Safe Operation Space
1. A vehicle-mounted closed operator’ cab with an air conditioner, as a creation in the world, improves the operation environment of workers greatly;
2. A human-machine interface provides good operability, convenience and comfort.


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