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XCMG Presents Impressive Lineup of 45 Machines and 41 Components at Bauma China 2014
Post Date: 2014-11-27

At the 7th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment (Bauma China) in Shanghai, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG), China’s largest and most comprehensive, competitive and influential construction machinery manufacturer, presented its latest technology achievements and a strong lineup of products in a 5,192 sq. m. booth, continuing to be the largest outdoor exhibitor at the show for the 7th consecutive year. The lineup consists of 45 machines and 41 components newly developed or improved to meet the latest market demands.

Of the 45 star machines, the most eye-catching include the “Mining Twin Heroes” of 400-ton excavator and 240-ton electrically powered dumper, the world’s first wheel and crawler-based concept crane (XCWT30), new-concept traction wheel crane (XCD300), heavyweight launches of new-generation concrete machinery products such HB67K pump truck integrating Schwing’s leading technologies, upgraded 12-ton loader, the largest 39-ton road roller in China, the first pulse sync distributing and spreading machine in China, the state-of-the-art and highest-efficient 450-ton all-terrain crane, XGTL750 tower crane with luffing boom and intelligent urban muck dumper, and all-new products including container side crane, building hoist, tunneler, deep drilling rig and mortar pump. Prominent among the 41 key components are MYF130 new-type electrically controlled gearbox, R70T decelerator, excavator oil cylinder series and load-sensitive valves. The machinery giant’s two heavyweight products which have hit the market globally, i.e. the 1,000-ton all-terrain crane and the 4,000-ton crawler crane, however, are conspicuously absent and continue to attract attention from around the world.

XCMG has held the No. 1 position in the mobile crane machinery segment of China’s heavy construction machinery industry for ten consecutive years, now taking up a market share of nearly 60%, and has been in the No. 1 position in this segment globally for several years, with its products exported to more than 70 countries and regions. The lineup of products at this exhibition continues to lead the industry technologically. The XCA450 is the most powerful and efficient all-terrain crane in the industry, leading the industry by 20% in loading, unloading and transitioning efficiency. The XCD300 crane is the world’s first traction wheel crane, which features a five-axis half-hanging chassis and three transitioning modes, i.e. traction, dual-drive and hydraulic drive, in an original design. The concept XCWT30 is the world’s first wheel and crawler-based concept crane. The product combines the control cabin and the driver’s cabin in one and integrates leading technologies including quick wheel/crawler switch, intelligent crane boom, and remote control to deliver excellent handling, safety, efficiency and terrain adaptability. XCT55 features a  natural gas engine, hydraulic hybrid drive, crane energy recuperation and a new energy-saving hydraulic system and is not only the first 50-ton six-step crane but also the most energy-efficient and powerful crane in the industry. XGC260 is a representative model of XCMG’s next-generation “XGC series of crawler cranes”, integrating an intelligent control system and an all-new automatic loading and unloading technology.
At present, XCMG is China’s only manufacturer of very large excavating and earth-moving machinery and complete sets of mining machinery, offering a full range of products in three major categories of machinery, i.e. excavators (1.5-400 tons), loaders (1.8-12 tons) and mining dumpers (30-400 tons), and integrated equipment solutions for earthwork construction and mining. The “Mining Twin Heroes” of 400-ton excavator and 240-ton electrically powered dumper are among the biggest highlights at this exhibition. The  XE4000 hydraulic excavator (400 tons) is currently the largest-capacity homemade hydraulic excavator. The XDE240 electrically powered dumper is a breakthrough in the design and manufacturing of large-scale complicated bearing carriers, delivering a bearing carrier life of up to 60,000 hours and meeting the needs of 20 million ton mines. At this exhibition, XCMG also demonstrated three sets of products. Set 1: XE900C, XCMG’s representative large-scale excavator; LW1200KN - China’s largest loader - and its matching product XDA45 - articulated dumper; Set 2: ZL50G-Super loader, XE360N natural gas-powered excavator, and NXG5650DTQ all-wheel drive off-road wide-bodied dumper; and Set 3: XE500CA excavator, LW900KN-LNG natural gas-powered loader and intelligent urban muck dumper.

With the acquisition of German concrete machinery maker Schwing, XCMG is now among the world’s top three concrete machinery manufacturers and No. 1 in terms of the range of products. At Bauma China 2014, XCMG will showcase its latest K series of concrete machinery incorporating Schwing’s technologies. XCMG’s highest-ever 75-meter concrete pump truck has been delivered to the customer and has been put into operation in Suzhou Industrial Park in August this year and excellently rated by the customer. XCMG brought two pump trucks to the show, one 67 meters high and the other 58 meters high, with the 58-meter pump truck adopting Schwing’s unique curved leg technology to deliver even greater stability of operation. The HZS100KG bucket-type concrete mixing station features comprehensive advantages such as compactness, low energy consumption, modular design and quick delivery and can be widely applied in the construction of buildings, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and overseas projects. In addition, XCMG will also showcase its K series of concrete machinery of star products and new products such as truck-mounted concrete pump, crawler pump, mixer truck, mortar pump and piston-type sludge pump.
XCMG has been the No. 1 in China’s road machinery industry for decades and is among the top five globally, offering the widest range of road construction and maintenance machinery products. For this segment, XCMG brought China’s largest 39-ton vertical-vibrating road roller, the XS83 single steel-wheeled road roller which is certified for export to the U.S., China’s first dual-material pavement maintenance truck XLY100TA, China’s first land leveler with hydraulic torque converter locking GR215K, emulsified asphalt synchronized distributing and spreading machine RP600 and milling machine XM1003S.

At present, XCMG has the largest market share in China’s rotary drilling rig and Horizontal directional drilling rig market, which is one of its highest-growing emerging segments. At this exhibition, XCMG brought three new products, i.e. cantilever tunneler XTR260, underground continuous wall hydraulic bucket XG600D, and truck-mounted Hydraulic deep drilling machine. XCMG has the widest-ranging truck cranes and has been the market leader for several years with a market share of more than 50%. For this segment, XCMG brought three products - the largest 20-ton straight arm truck crane in China, a goose-neck truck crane suitable for confined spaces, and a 37-ton side container crane. Since it entered the tower crane segment in 2012, XCMG has made a great progress thanks to its strong expertise in crane manufacturing. For this segment, XCMG brought the XGTL750 luffing jib tower crane with the domestically leading integrated safety and loading and unloading balance control technology and the XGT560 large-scale flat-top tower crane. Construction hoists are another segment where XCMG has stepped up its efforts in recent years. For this segment, XCMG brought SC200/200A, an all-new dual-power lightweight intelligent construction hoist with an IoT system and a full range of smart features including remote control, identity  recognition and troubleshooting.
In recent years, XCMG has made great strides in the R&D of core components. On the basis of its acquisition of two European manufacturers and its Europe R&D center, XCMG has substantially sped up the development of core technologies in valves, pumps, motors and hydraulic systems. By creating joint ventures with German, American and Korean companies, XCMG has made breakthroughs in slewing bearing, drive axle, motor and torque limiter. At this exhibition, it showcased fruitful R&D achievements and products: high-end hydraulic oil cylinder, new-type gearbox, high-end electronic control system, and “four wheels and one belt”.

In the morning of November 25, XCMG held a new product & technology press conference under the theme of “Technology Leader in Building A Sustainable Machinery World” during the exhibition, set in the backdrop of its commitment to transforming business philosophy and development concepts, stepping up technological innovation and leadership, and seeking robust and sustainable growth under the guide of its new strategic product innovation strategy of “three highs and one big - high technology content, high added value, high reliability and big capacity”, aiming to developing into an internationalized global enterprise. At the press conference, XCMG launched its latest products, technologies and integrated solutions which represent its positioning as a high-end brand offering world-class top-quality products. The launch was meant to highlight the global positioning and its commitment to sustainability and leading the direction of green development of the industry with world-class top-notch products. The new technologies launched represent XCMG’s latest technological progress in efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, mainly including power recovery, single-engine technology, LNG technology, intelligent control technology, and system integration, many of which have been widely applied in relevant products.
Bauma China 2014 coincides with the 25th anniversary of XCMG’s founding. Over the past 25 years, XCMG, with unswerving commitment to business integrity and innovation, has rose to become the No. 1 construction machinery manufacturer in China and No. 5 globally and formed the core values of “shouldering important tasks, striding on broad roads and going far” and its unique corporate culture of “good faith, respect, innovation and industriousness”. In this year, XCMG received two top industry and quality awards in China - China Industry Award and National Quality Award - in recognition of its products of superior quality and efficiency.

According to Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, global expansion will bring two “major changes” to XCMG. The first is in-depth integration and utilization of global top-notch resources in the industry to delivery strong synergy. The second is XCMG’s strategic transformation driven by innovation, product quality and technological strength. With the ambitious mission to “scaling Mt. Qomolangma” of heavy construction machinery manufacturing and bringing Chinese manufacturing to the top by 2020, XCMG will take even deeper root in the industry through perseverance, reforms, innovation and self-strengthening and march forward towards a China-based world-class construction machinery brand.

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