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Sany will have a strong presence at Bauma 2016
Post Date: 2016-03-10
Bauma 2016, the leading global trade fair of construction machinery, will kick off in New Munich Trade Fair Center, in April, 2016. SANY, the leader of the industry will fully immerse in the big event. As relevant personnel of SANY indicate, 12 new products of SANY will have their first show in the fair. This is a marketing ploy for the SANY excavator in Europe this spring as the largest domestic market share brand.
The first show of the full range of SANY excavators
A full range of SANY excavators for the European market will be displayed for the first time in Bauma 2016. It will be a significant step for SANY to launch their products in Europe completely. The quantity and types will be much more than that of any previous fairs. Highlights of this excavators display are as follows.
1. Mini excavators with zero-turn models SY16, SY35, and SY50 will be displayed. With small size, they functions perfectly.
2. With high speed and great power, the new wheel excavator SY155W and high-performance wheel loader SW405 for the European market will be shown.
3. All the new conventional products including the best seller crawler excavators SY55, SY75, SY135, and the large and medium-sized mine digging machines SY215, SY245, SY365, SY500H are exhibited.
4. All displayed new products are equipped with excellent functions and up to the latest Tier 4 final standard (StageIIIB) of Europe. And they have passed relevant CE Certificate of compliance.
5. All excavators are equipped with multifunctional the hydraulic shear, breaking hammer accessories that suits for the US and European markets.
All the displayed 12 excavators for the event are made for the European market especially by SANY. Engines equipped with cooling EGR&DOC processing system make it possible to reduce the particles discharge by chemical reaction automatically. Besides, for different conditions, the unique engine and new hydraulic technology of SANY make it possible to adjust the operation model. And the DOMCS intelligent control system works perfectly with the primary pump, reducing the fuel consumption.
SANY takes the opportunity to advance further in Europe
In the meeting to enlarge the Board of SANY at the beginning of this year, Liang Wengen, the president of SANY indicated that the group will stick to its commitment to building it a world-class brand in the new normal domestic economy. This move into the European market of excavators shall be the only way to build a worldwide brand for SANY excavators.
As competitive products of the top three engineering manufacturers in the world, the excavator has always enjoyed the reputation of “the pearl” in the construction machinery. Such a move into Europe is a step for SANY to compete with the leading machinery manufacturers in the biggest event with its own quality and new technology in an alien place.
The rapid development of SANY in Europe contributes to its powerful self-confidence. As far as we know, the program of European Program of SANY, established in Germany in 2008, has launched out its business in 13 odd European nations, and won an increasing of recognition and popularity among European customers with its quality of the port machinery and hoisting machinery. With the good quality and applicable devices and construction, SANY has gained fully recognition.
A wonderful fair, not only about excavators
“Besides the static exhibition, we have wonderful excavator performance show,” as the SANY worker introduces. Besides, the new rough terrain crane SRC550 and pavement construction machinery as well as others will also be presented in this fair.
With great hope, SANY will present its strength and product charm fully to attract global customers to enjoy Chinese brand charm.
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