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SDLG holds 2015 Summary & Commendation Conference
Post Date: 2016-03-07
On January 29, 2015, the annual summary commendation congress of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was solemnly held in its hall. Wang Zhizhong, Chairman of Shandong Lingong, Yu Mengsheng, President of Shandong Lingong, Wen Degang, General Manager of Shandong Lingong and other leaders attended the conference. Chairman Wang Zhizhong delivered an important speech.
In his speech, Wang Zhizhong pointed out that in the past two years, the engineering machinery market showed a cliff-like drop with long duration and large decline. We should know clearly that we were facing serious difficulties and challenges. We should positively adapt to and master the transformation of Chinese economic growth from investment and export to consumption and the new normal that the growth shifted from high speed to medium and high speed and the manufacturing industry transformed and upgraded from medium and low end to medium and high end.
Wang Zhizhong also pointed out that the situation of engineering machinery industry's de-capacity and structure adjusting in a short time was very serious, but the future of the industry market was still promising. Especially in the Chinese market, the growth of infrastructure construction investment got slow, but the scale was still huge. It was still the largest market of engineering machinery in the world and the huge capacity of the market would also continue for a long time. This confirmed our confidence in the industry market. From the point of the company, compared to those in the same industry, we had the least burden, the most stable talent team, high brand status and brand reputation, the richest manufacturing experience, the best technical skills and the highest quality level and management level. This confirmed our confidence in the company.
Wang Zhizhong required that in the face of current serious situation, we must focus all of our power on transformation and upgrading. In 2016, the focus of transformation and upgrading would be to make up for the marketing deficiency. In the next period, the market operation must adhere to the strategy policy of "one center, two basic points". One center referred to firmly taking the enhancement of the market share as the center; two basic points referred to adhering to "two wheel drive": One was positive and flexible marketing strategy and marketing policies and the other was overall improvement of market operation and marketing management. We must promote the further improvement of the market share and the company's economic benefit through comprehensive strategic transformation of marketing system.
Wang Zhizhong stressed that all levels of leading cadres and responsible people of all departments should earnestly shoulder the responsibility, dare to act as an example, shout loudly "look at me", set the pace or standard for their subordinates, clear delineation of responsibility and put into practice layer by layer so as to form a powerful resultant force to overcome difficulties and get through tough times together.
Wang Zhizhong finally stressed that as long as we had firm confidence and agglomerated mental efforts to overcome difficulties and accelerate the transformation, we would surely be able to win the final victory of the industry's de-capacity and large market adjustment battle in the new normal.
President Yu Mengsheng made a speech titled "Face the Challenge Together with Confidence and Wisdom". General Manager Wen Degang made a comprehensive summary on the company's production and operation in 2015 and deployed the company's key work in 2016.
In the conference, advanced collectives and individuals, who made outstanding achievements in their work in 2015, were given awards and recognition. Moreover, representatives of outstanding business departments, outstanding first-level offices and divisions and model workers made typical speeches.
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