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Caterpillar launches PM620 and PM622 cold planers
Post Date: 2016-11-22

 Caterpillar has announced the distribution of its PM620 and PM622 cold planers – half-lane milling machines for the full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete paving – in the Middle East region.

Weighing in at roughly 33t for the PM620 and approximately 34t for the PM622, the machines are designed to be highly manoeuvrable and productively achieve the full-depth removal in a single pass.
Both models are powered by the Cat C18 ACERT engine – a turbocharged, six-cylinder diesel engine that provides 470 kW (630hp) of gross power at Tier 4 Final emissions standards where required, and Tier 3 emission standards in other markets.
A critical feature is the Automatic Engine Speed Control, which allows the engine to optimise output to match the load, reducing excessive fuel consumption and wear on the engine.
Four-mode steering is standard. An electronic control module processes inputs from the sensors on the front and rear tracks along with input from the steering selector controls.
For example, when front-tracks-only steering is selected, it automatically realigns the rear tracks to centre, and in the coordinated mode, the turning radius is reduced to just two metres – providing exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
The PM620 and PM622 stand on four legs and come equipped with an auto-levelling function that provides smooth height adjustment without stepping.
There are other automated functions to simplify operation. For example, the operator’s platform has a ‘hold’ button to stop the machine and pause various functions while making truck interchanges or job stops. The machine then returns to previous working speed and functions when re-activated.
Track tension also automatically adjusts to ensure optimum operation. The track assemblies are 1788mm-long, 305mm-wide and feature replaceable, bolt-on track pads for ease of service.
The PM620 is equipped with a 2010mm-wide high production rotor while the PM622 is equipped with a 2235mm-wide high-production rotor. The maximum cutting depth of both is 330mm.
The rotor is equipped with carbide-tipped cutting bits arranged in a chevron pattern for maximum breakout force, with quick-release holders for ease of service. Caterpillar can also provide diamond bits that last up to 80 times longer and provide even greater cutting performance.
The PM620 and PM622 can also be equipped with integrated Cat Grade Control, a 2D-capable/3D-ready grade and slope system that can automatically maintain a range of pre-set cutting depths.
Finally, the computerised monitoring system includes Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) that monitor system pressures and engine conditions and provide live self-diagnostics and fault reporting.
Long service intervals also contribute to reduced owning and operating costs. The engine oil service is required only every 500 hours, and hydraulic oil service is every 3,000 hours if oil sampling is not conducted, up to 6,000 hours if scheduled oil sampling occurs.
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