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XCMG TWZ260 Subsurface Excavation Bogie Leads the Mechanized Construction of Metro
Post Date: 2016-12-02

 TWZ Series Subsurface Excavation Bogies is the specialized equipment designed for the subsurface excavation construction of the city tunnel project. The products are suitable for the stratum construction, including mollisol, sand-cobbie, decomposed rock, etc. It has many functions such as earth excavation, slotting, hitting ductule, breaking rocks, auxiliary shoring and deslag. The equipment adopts external power source, hydraulic drive and track chassis walking. The products are highly effective and environmental friendly. They have compact structures with great flexibility, and can effectively take the place of manual operation, greatly improving the working efficiency, which responds to the requirements of “replacing manpower by mechanization, and reducing manpower by automation” by the State Administration of Work Safety.

By applying specialized lifting slings, the subsurface excavation bogies can lift directly in the manually excavated standard vertical shaft, and can directly turn into the direction of the section tunnel in the cross aisle of four-meter wide, achieving quick in and out of the shaft.
The left arm mainly plays the role of earth excavation, earth scraping and auxiliary shoring in the tunnel. It is equipped with the function of multi-joint excavation across the obstacle, which can effectively bypass the core soil and achieve the full-section earth excavation of the tunnel.
The right arm is mostly applied for the formation of advanced ductile and the milling of top slot. The arm applies two sets of inverted-triangle suspension support, which can achieve the precise full-section parallel maintenance function with a steady motor process. It has improved the positional accuracy of the work and has implemented the ductule hitting across the obstacle.
By applying the variable control system, the bogie saves energy and has high efficiency. It provides reliable quality with all the key components imported from famous brands.
The bogie produces no exhaust gas for its electrical drive. It adopts low noise design which would decrease the noise pollution.
Working with the bogie can greatly decrease the labor intensity of the workers, reduce the amount of staff and improve the working efficiency. The number of working staff can be reduced by 4 per shift, while the working efficiency doubles. An amount of 8 million yuan per kilometer can be saved in the management fees, and 3 million yuan in the labor cost.
As the original products of XCMG with its completely independent intellectual property rights, XCMG TWZ Series Subsurface Excavation Bogies have been successfully applied in many metro and civil projects including in Beijing and Xi'an since available. They are regarded as the ‘magical artifacts’ in the metro subsurface excavation construction. They offer significant economic and social benefits with its 'environmental protection, high efficiency, safety and reliability', gaining wide recognition and praise by government departments, proprietors and construction organizations. BTV has a report on the Beijing subway construction of the product, and China Railway 16th Bureau Group has organized people from all cirlces to watch the construction of the products in the 'Open Day for State-owned Enterprisesin the Capital'. In June, 2016, the bogies won the award of ‘First Set (Series) of Key Technological Equipment Demonstration Project of Chinese Industry in 2015’.
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