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SHANTUI New Bulldozer DH08 Debut in the Southeast Asian Market
Post Date: 2016-12-07

 SHANTUI DH08 new bulldozer passed tests successfully and was sent to the southeast Asian market recently.

The product was based on the feedback of local agent and customer's request and full market research, cooperating with SHANTUI R&D, production and other departments to develop a market positioning precision, reliable, stable performance, economic and fully hydrostatic bulldozer.
Due to the financial crisis and the economic situation, the international crude oil, coal and other commodity prices fall down, coupled with new policies issued by southeast Asian countries to limit the export of raw ore, timber etc., the local market demand of big horsepower bulldozers drops too much , while the market demand of small horsepower bulldozers is stable. Over the years, the small horsepower bulldozer market has been always occupied by European and American brands. In the face of market dilemma, in order to break through the market, Shantui R&D process is driven by market demand, the marketing development of new products is ahead of designing, marketing with the development cycle, to shorten the development cycle and improve the market adaptability and competitiveness of product.
At present, Shantui is in close cooperation with the agent, actively  promotes DH08 bulldozer to potential customers. According to agents feedback, DH08 has been paid great attention by the local agents and customers. Many customers have expressed great interest in this product. Shantui will take this opportunity to do their best to promote the sale of the new product and other Shantui products and make more strength on Shantui expansion of the southeast Asian market.
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