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Shantui high-Power bulldozer highly praised in overseas market
Post Date: 2016-12-08

 Till now, Shantui 520 horse power bulldozer has been under operations for months in a large power station in Serbia. With stable and reliable working status, this bulldozer gained consistent recognition from the users and attracted the numerous local end customers for watching. Following the first entry of Shantui high-power bulldozer into European market, the Oriental brands have gradually emerged in the European market to thoroughly break the monopolizing situation of overseas brands in the high-power bulldozer market. Renowned as “Oriental Giant in Montenegro”, this 520ps high-power bulldozer represents the top manufacturing level of Chinese bulldozers and its working status is no inferior to those of European and American brands during the competition with international brands in European developed market.

 Since the shipping of this 520ps bulldozer, under the high attention from Shantui leaders, Shantui (U.S.) Company and local dealer worked together to closely follow up the site operation situation of the equipment and the R&D Department forwarded the improvement scheme in the first place for the customer needs and dispatched experts to provide babysitter services and form a reliable after-service chain. The debut of 520ps bulldozer in European market is the first appearance of Shantui high-power bulldozers in the world market and will generate a sustainable and profound influence for improvement of Shantui brand image.
SHANTUI Bulldozer “boast the power to change the world”!
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