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Zoomlion Aims to Build Mexico Branch Company into a Comprehensive Business Platform
Post Date: 2017-04-08

Day ago, Mr. Xiong Yanming, Vice President of Zoomlion and General Manager of Overseas Branch Company, and his party visited Mexico City, capital of Mexico, to promote Zoomlion’s localization in the Latin American market. According to Mr. Xiong Yanming, product development, light-duty assembly & manufacturing and service localization shall be further implemented based on current Zoomlion CIFA Mexico Branch Company, thus making the branch company a comprehensive business platform with sound functions, rich products and a reach to the whole Latin American market.

By report, as an important section of Zoomlion’s global distribution, Latin American market has been increasingly developed in recent years. The main business of Zoomlion Mexico Branch Company covers sales of CIFA concrete machineries, local equipment assembly, maintenances and repairs, technical supports for constructions, sales of genuine parts and trainings on equipment operations, etc.

In 2016, Zoomlion began to sell the well received CIFA classic series concrete machineries in neighboring countries like Mexico, Panama and Dominica, etc. Zoomlion concrete machineries are recognized by many key accounts in Mexico, including Cemex, the largest commercial ready-mixed concrete company in the world.

According to Mr. Xiong Yanming, the company is considering introducing more products with market competitiveness into the market, such as mobile cranes and tower cranes, further enhancing the recruitment of local staff and team building and providing better business supports like after-sales services, parts and trainings to dealer and clients, thus gradually and comprehensively upgrading the products and services of Mexico Branch Company.

Mr. Xiong Yanming believes that to enter local market, localization shall come first. Above all, the enterprise shall have local partners; meanwhile, sound marketing and service networks are indispensable; in addition, localized production contributes to occupying market shares. “We shall work steadily while entering the local market, thus going out from China and going into the local market in a down-to-earth way, for internalization cannot be done at one go.”

During his visit in Mexico, Mr. Xiong Yanming also held talks with Chairman of Mexican Crane Association and other representatives. During the talks, Mr. Xiong Yanming emphasized that Zoomlion could hardly develop in Mexican market without supports from the local industrial organizations, and he said that Zoomlion attached great importance to friendly relations with Mexican Crane Association and hoped that both sides would strengthen cooperation to gain more and better results.

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