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XCMG Further consolidates the earth moving market position with V Series loaders
Post Date: 2017-05-04

 “Thanks to the impressive improvement in configuration, load capacity and performance, XCMG loaders often surprises users with leading-edge technology,” said a customer of the V series loaders.

XCMG V series loaders have taken the lead in the earth moving industry. Since launching last year, the V series has garnered the industry’s recognition worldwide for its exceptional strength and power. After the sales of 6-tonnage loader topped in China, the most popular model LW600FV was also crowned the “Top 50 Product of Chinese Construction Machinery 2017” in March. On top of the awards, it is observed that global contractors begin to choose XCMG products over American and Japanese-made machinery for its high quality and cost-efficiency.

The V series is the first collection of loaders developed based on the all-new RESCUER technology platform by XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit, aiming to achieve better productivity and sustainability. The RESCUER platform represents "revolutionary upgrade” in six aspects:

R - Revolutionary upgrade
E - Environment-friendliness
S - Simplify maintenance
C - Comfort
U - United energy-saving ability
E - Efficiency
R - Reliability

Benefited from the technological upgrade, the V series loaders is highly adaptive to heavy-load tasks and harsh operating conditions. Today, they are dispatched to various kinds of work sites, such as mining, port loading, coal transportation, and railway loading operations, creating huge value for customers across the globe.

On the far-flung construction site of Dali-Ruili Railway in Yunnan, China, the XCMG V series 3 and 4-ton loaders have overcome the mountainous terrain to build the logistic artery for SW China. As a result of the improved Automatic Power Distribution (APD) onboard, the V series loaders generate 20% stronger traction compared to their counterparts, contributing to highly efficient operation. The APD can also instantly manage fuel pressure and flow according to different work conditions, saving an enormous amount of energy.

Smart on the inside and tough on the outside, the V series loaders also boast sturdy structures designed with the Finite Element Analysis (FEA), ensuring safety and durability when tackling heavy-load works in the railway construction.

The 3-ton and 5-ton models also have set foot in Inner-Mongolia. In order to overcome the challenges in high-altitude operation, the machines are all re-modified to enhance their performance in extreme condition. Customized adjustments of the loaders, together with the well-built frame, increase the productivity and safety of the machines.

Despite the recent success of the V series, XCMG will continue to innovate.

“Only the best technology and best products can win over the heart of users,” said Manager Mr. Yang Dongsheng, General Manager of XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Business Unit, “We cannot slow down the pace as the coming three years are critical for the XCMG loader to further consolidate its market position.”

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