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What makes SANY SY16C mini excavator so flexible in tight jobsites
Post Date: 2017-06-06

SANY has been the largest excavator manufacturer in China for six years in a row, selling over 100 thousand excavators in total. SY16C, the smallest size in SANY’s excavator product line, is the star product of SANY. With unrivaled performance, reliability and fuel efficiency, the 1.75ton mini excavator has won high praises from customers worldwide.

Optimum Efficiency

The unique SLSS-load sensitive hydraulic system allows perfect synergism between the engine and the main pump of SY16C, which significantly enhances the work efficiency. In addition, the compact excavator adopts full hydraulic control of deflectable boom and auxiliary line, achieving precise positioning and high productivity.

High Reliability

SY16C has made multiple improvements in the structure components, increasing the uptime of the machine. With the reinforced work device and frame, ANSYS platform and optimized structure, the stress concentration is reduced and the service life is extended by 30% on average. Furthermore, all SANY mini excavators has undergone the strictest field test, over 2000-hour excavation field experiment and 800,000 times key components fatigue test, to guarantee its superior reliability.

Compact Design for Tight Jobsites

SY16C mini excavator is equipped with the deflectable boom, with boom swing left 600mm, right 350mm, able to reach outer edge of the track, and work in limited space such as near the wall and wall corner. Moreover, with the retractable undercarriage, the width is adjustable between 980mm-1350mm, guaranteeing its access to tight space narrower than 1m.

Environmentally Friendly

SANY has always taken fuel efficiency and low emission very seriously to reduce the environmental impact. It adopts the Tier4 Final engine that meets the latest emission standard of Europe and America. The covering parts are made of metal, which is durable and also recyclable. In addition, the environmentally friendly painting ensures the lowest pollution.

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