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SANY large excavators used in mining projects around the world
Post Date: 2017-09-15

SANY large excavators, king of mining machinery and ranging from 35t-50t, are reliable partners for heavy-load excavating in mines. The customized engine, fast digging speed and low fuel consumption make SANY mining excavators efficient and economical.

SANY SY420 in world’s largest outdoor open-air coal mine

Two SANY SY420 large excavators were used in the exploration project in China’s Xinjiang Caiwan Coal Mine, which is expected to own 1.7 billion ton high-quality coal resources.

The developer of this project planned an investment of 8.4 billion yuan to build a modernized coal mine and develop coal generated power project. Upon completion, it will become the world's largest outdoors coal mine. The SANY machinery remained powerful digging force in spite of the high temperature and dusty environment.

SANY SY335C in gold mining project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

CMC Mining Company, Sany’s loyal customer, is one of the largest gold mining companies in the Bunia region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The company previously purchased 20 units of SANY SY335C excavators and expressed interest to purchase even more machinery in the future. CMC has spoken highly of the superior performance of SY335C, which averages more than 20 working hours per day and allows for increased job-site productivity.

To provide the customer with convenient and efficient service, SANY set up an office in Bunia and sent qualified service engineers. The service team provided comprehensive training to the machine operators and reliable technical support.

SANY SY365C in Peru’s Hierro iron mine project

The SY365C, SANY’s hot sale 36.1-ton excavator was employed to undertake the ore crushing work in the Hierro iron mine project, located in Marcona region, 520 kilometers south of the Peru’s capital, Lima.

Fitted with the customized Komatsu hydraulic hammer, the SY365C displayed its outstanding performance in ore crushing, especially for the ore in Marcona, where the ore is of high rigidity with quartz and 60 percent high iron content. SY365C also proved its exceptional stability during the average 10-hour operation each day.

The Hierro project covers an area of 670.7 square kilometers, with annual iron ore production of 6 million ton, named one of the largest scale iron mine in South American area.

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