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XCMG Truck Cranes Participate in Rescue Work in Yunnan Mountains
Post Date: 2017-10-11

 Yunnan is mountainous area, with zigzagged highways paved around the hilly regions. Therefore, the driving is always affected by the climbing difficulty, long turning radius, and uneven load. The road allows only one vehicle in width, leaning on a cliff on one side and connecting to a chasm on the other side. In this situation, it is most difficult for wrecker or trailer to reach the site as soon as an accident happens and people's lives and property security cannot be completely guaranteed.

Featuring narrow width, small wheelbase, short turning radius and high flexibility, XCMG truck cranes substantially apply to rescue work in mountainous regions. The small wheelbase helps reach a short turning radius and the low-height chassis ensures the stability of the vehicle body, resulting in easy crossing of a breathtaking turning. XCMG truck cranes play an important role in both rescue work at traffic accident sites and people's daily life as well, winning the laurel of "Patron Saint of Mountains" by people in Yunnan.

"We might have fallen in the bottomless chasm if people did not try to save us or if there were no XCMG truck cranes.”Mr. Li recalled with fresh memory about the scene that happened a few years ago.

XCMG truck cranes also participate in road rapid repair, anti-snow-ice and smooth transport guarantee, relief goods transportation and etc. A number of instances reflect the importance of truck cranes to people’s daily life. Today, as the leader and pioneer in the construction machinery industry, XCMG R&D personnel proactively fulfill the golden standard of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products" and become the witness and participant of social development and urban construction. Looking into the bright future, XCMG will provide the society with more efficient and advanced truck crane equipment, assist in global construction and create a bright future for the mankind.

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