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Zoomlion’s D1500 Large-sized Tower Cranes Help Build Argentina’s Variante Bridge
Post Date: 2017-11-18

 Days ago, two units of Zoomlion’s D1500 large-sized tower cranes arrived at the construction site of Argentina’s Variante Bridge in South America to help build the project. According to the principal from Zoomlion, D1500 is now the largest Zoomlion tower crane in the Southern Hemisphere.

Relevant data show that Variante Bridge, with a span of 320m, is an important part of the renovation project of Argentina’s Ruta Provincial A073 (Highway 73). As one of the key infrastructure projects under construction in Argentina, Highway 73 is a main trunk road that connects Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city, Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city as well as the northwestern states and provinces in Argentina, which will play a significant role in Argentina’s economy upon its completion.

At present, the Highway must detour the long and narrow Lago San Roque Lake in order to reach Argentina’s northwestern region, while the Variante Bridge will make a complete change by directly connecting both sides of the Lago San Roque Lake to greatly reduce the driving distance and thus provide convenience to the economy, life and transport of the northern part of Argentina.
The construction party of Variante Bridge said that the bridge is mainly composed of prefabricated modules with a unit weight of 27t. The complex terrain at the tower crane erection locations at both sides of the bridge as well as the large volume and great mass of prefabricated modules certainly put the construction tower cranes’ performance to the test.

Finally, Zoomlion’s products drew the project leaders’ attention. “Our tower cranes boast successful construction experience and foundations in similar bridge projects. Moreover, we have specially designed the configuration, tower crane erection locations and other details for D1500, in the hope of providing cost-effective lifting schemes for customers and thus winning their favors”, said the principal from Zoomlion.

When being asked why Zoomlion is chosen, the customer explained, “After many investigations, we get to know that Zoomlion is an eminent manufacturer in the world’s tower crane industry which dazzles with very large market share in the global market and such world-class products as the superstructure-slewing self-climbing level-jib tower crane with the largest tonnage in the world. What’s more, Zoomlion offers us the ideal scheme and thoughtful services.”

Preparations are being made for the two units of Zoomlion D1500 tower cranes to be erected in Argentina. The two cranes will be respectively erected at both sides of the bridge to ensure the smooth construction of the bridge and to quicken the cut-through of the new Highway 73.

As the infrastructure constructions are increasingly speeding up in Argentina in recent years and the government announced an investment of 33 billion USD in the field of infrastructure for the future four years in 2016 for the constructions of highways, railways, airports and ports, etc. to improve transport capability and breathe new life into economic development, great market potential has been offered to the Chinese enterprises, among which Zoomlion, with its existing layout and development in the Latin American market, will get itself better involved in Argentina’s construction with more premium products and services in the future.

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