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XGMA Launches N Series at a Grand Ceremony
Post Date: 2019-01-27
On January 8, N Series, the new generation products of XGMA for the year 2019, was launched at a ceremony held in Xiamen, themed “Harmony for Broad Development and Evolution for Future Success”.
With technical upgrade, the new generation of products of higher cost-performance meets higher requirements of customers and marks another milestone in the new era of XGMA development.
Over 400 people attended the ceremony, including Wang Gongyou, XGMA Vice-Chairman, Chen Tiansheng, XGMA President, Guo Song, Executive Vice President, Chen Yongyi, Director of XGMA R&D Center, and dealers and suppliers from all parts of China.
The newly launched products are loaders XG956N and XG958N, excavators XG8065F and XG815W, grader XG3200N, rollers XG626H XG6033D and XG6303P, and a water tower fire truck, bringing tehnical innovation and product upgrading to a new level.
It is known from the speech delivered by President Chen Tiansheng that XGMA has since 2018 “focused on strategic development and business synergy”, gathered all courage and determination, and taken key opportunities of transformation and development to create the new generation of hit products through all-around integration and improvement in terms of management, products, technology and quality.
Emergency and rescue equipment are highly valued by governments since they are related with the safety of people and properties. To minimize risks in rescue, XGMA has seamlessly integrated the internationally advanced technology of fine compressed air foam system (CAFS) with high-end engineering machinery and launched a CAFS mobile fire extinguishing device with a large span, high floor and super high flow, i.e., XC5400JXFJP48 water tower fire truck. The device features the core technology of CAFS originated from Germany, carried by the 48m 5-section folded boom from XGMA for direct horizontal spray of compressed air foam toward the ignition point at heights across a large span. It is effective against large chemical fires involving oil, alcohol, benzene, etc., and other fires involving plastics, rubber products and electricity.
Especially in “difficult” applications for the fire fighting industry, such as super high-rise buildings exceeding 100m, large-span plants, large petroleum and chemical tanks and densely populated areas, the device can effectively overcome the long duration, high labor cost and extremely low extinguishing efficiency current facing fire fighting and rescue and meet the requirements on “scientificity, safety and efficiency”.
Sales channels are of essential importance to the development of a company. In the engineering machinery industry, dealers are still the mainstream. Therefore, Chen Tiansheng, XGMA President, highlighted three measures to improve sales channels in 2018.
The first is the partnership with a large number of new dealers to infuse vigor in the sales channel.
The second is the establishment of companies in suitable areas for direct sales, so that products and services are front-staged to increase user engagement.
The last is consolidation of all possible powers to integrate and improve the existing channel pattern and to lay a solid foundation for greater development in the future.
Digital and Integrated Product Systems
As the first in the engineering machinery industry to launch intelligent products, XGMA has been working intensively in intelligent products for years. According to Chen Yongyi, Director of XGMA R&D Center, intelligent products in the engineering machinery industry will be the inevitable trend in the future. In the next stage, XGMA will increase inputs in digitalization and create digital and integrated product systems following the overall plan for technology, products and informatization.
Started as a repair workshop with only 17 employees 68 years ago, XGMA has now become one of the largest machinery manufacture bases in China and has ranked among the “Top 100 Enterprises in the Machinery Industry of China”. In the future, XGMA will continue the commitment to technical innovation and market demands, fully improve informatization in R&D, production, management and service, and make use of accurate supply chain, product life-cycle management and E-business technology, to establish brand-new production modes, industry forms, business models and economic growth points and further the evolution and innovative development in the whole industry chain from manufacturing and after-sale service to operation mode.
(Source: XGMA)
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