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The World's Largest Tower Crane Smart Factory grand opening, ZOOMLION Leads Smart Manufacturing to New Level
Post Date: 2019-02-01

 On January 11th, the opening ceremony of ZOOMLION tower crane smart factory, the world’s largest tower crane factory, was held in Changde, Hunan province. 

The construction of ZOOMLION tower crane smart factory started in 2016 with the investment of 780 million yuan and the orientation of being “first-class in China and advanced in the world". It adheres to the design concept of “assembly line, flexibility, intelligence and environmental protection” and abides by the standards of German Industry “4.0” to develop into the only four-in-one tower crane smart factory in the world integrated with application intelligent control, intelligent production line, intelligent logistics and intelligent inspection technology, as well as the most advanced, efficient and environment friendly tower crane factory in the world, which will become an important milestone of ZOOMLION to realize industrial intelligence.
ZOOMLION tower crane smart factory owns 12 automated production lines, more than 10,000 sensors, over 100 industrial robots, 35 unmanned vehicles RGV and AGV, 16 CNC processing centers integrated with MES control system, so that the production efficiency and information management level have been greatly improved. One standard section is manufactured every 10 minutes and one lifting arm is produced every 90 minutes averagely. 
It is reported that to meet the requirements of intelligent management in the tower crane smart factory, such as intelligent production arrangement, transparent production process and real-time quality control, ZOOMLION has established a comprehensive and efficient manufacturing execution system (MES). The MES system consists of four levels from bottom to top: production line and equipment layer, system data layer, production management and control layer, decision support layer. To realize perceptible equipment based on intelligent devices; to realize data analysis by taking industry Internet platform as the carrier and integrating with equipment and production data; to create digital management system for production operation and realize executable production process by taking manufacturing execution system as the core; to realize decisive information by taking the big data platform as the decision analysis platform. 
On the day of opening ceremony, ZOOMLION also launched three types of new smart products 4.0 PC flat-top tower cranes T6515, T6250 and T7525 out of the production line in the smart factory. Thanks to some world-leading technologies such as load-and-speed technology and high-efficiency slewing drive technology, all the three new products are featured with high efficiency, good interchangeability, high reliability and security as well as easy management. Meanwhile, they support remote transmission of working condition, phone APP management and remote alarm for abnormal working conditions. Through ZOOMLION e-assistant, the project management, maintenance reminding and accessory information access can also be realized. All these features make it a new benchmark for tower crane smart products.
After the opening ceremony, all the leaders and guests visited the park of tower crane smart factory and the exhibition hall, reviewed the history of ZOOMLION development, products, IOT platform, intelligent manufacturing, MES, etc., and highly praised its long history of tower crane development and advanced smart factory. 
The opening of ZOOMLION tower crane smart factory also marks the official start of the ten-billion project in 2019. As a major industry with great importance and strategic focus of ZOOMLION for more than 60 years, the business of tower crane has grown to be the top brand in the domestic industry, the sales scale has ranked the top in the world. The gross output exceeded 5 billion yuan in 2018, creating profits and taxes worth nearly 1 billion yuan. In 2019, ZOOMLION’s tower crane will blow the horn of "striving for ten-billion project to double output again." The tower crane smart factory will undoubtedly provide important strategic support for this goal.
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