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Main characteristics

·As a full power auto-control system, under full-throttle state, under the function of maximum power auto-control, it will automatically adjust the operating speed so as to ensure that diesel engine operates in the maximum power, make full use of the power of diesel engine, heighten productivity and lower down the labor strength of driver.

·The auto-levelling system can make milling depth consistent automatically; in need of difference in milling depth, the function of dynamic modification can meet the need.

·The above two auto-control functions are for choice; manual control can also be chosen to meet the need of different work conditions.

·The intellectual inspection system can realize failure alarm, e.g. hydraulic oil pollution alarm, low pressure alarm of diesel engine; auto-diagnosis of pressure in sprinkler system and low pressure protection function.

·Friendly LCD on the central operating panel displays the machine’s working state (for example, the display of diesel engine’s rotating speed, water temperature and oil level.)

·The affiliated auto-levelling LCD has the function of man-machine information exchange , which is convenient for operation, has good visibility; it displays the set milling depth and actual milling depth on the left and right and can be dynamically modified at any time. 

·The whole machine is well equipped. The hydraulic system includes pump, motor, valve, oil pipe, tie-in; the locomotion system includes wheel reduction gear and tyre; the working setting includes chain, milling head and seat, feeding strap; the sprinkling system includes pump, nozzle; and main electric components are equipped with famous brands at home and abroad. The setting can guarantee high performance and reliability.

·The affiliated hydraulic valve set has the function of auto-unloading.

·The four-wheel fully hydraulic drive in the locomotion system has great traction.

·The driving system in the working setting is the low-speed great torque hydraulic motor, which is simple and convenient for setting and can reduce the impact on the diesel engine.

·The electric linear actuator supplied by foreign company is adopted for the lifting of falling of roof, which can ensure convenient operation, reliable performance and long journey.

·The inversion of diesel engine is convenient for maintenance and repair of hydraulic system, low-speed big diameter fan is in the manner of wind absorption and can reduce noise and heighten the cooling effect.

·The hydraulic steel pipes are made with the pulsed argon arc welding and expansion technology and can heighten the cleanness of hydraulic system and strengthen reliability.

·Rapid-replacement tie-in is used for the hydraulic oil pipe connecting the feeding support assembly and the machine for convenience of dismantling feeding support and machine.

·The machine frame is under 70mm-thick armor plate structure, which is good in strength and simple & convenient for processing.

·The installation type highly wear-resistant plate is used on the bottom end of scraper board, which can prolong the working life and is convenient for replacement.

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