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Built for comfort

From the state-of-the-art multifunction monitor and fully customisable controls to air-suspension seat, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, the D-series provides everything your operators need to perform at their best. Unparalleled comfort. Try one to appreciate the difference.

Enhanced Operator Comfort

The standard sound-suppression package significantly reduces noise levels and operator fatigue.

The adaptive transmission control adjusts clutch engagement to ensure smooth, consistent shifts throughout the life of the truck.

A fully adjustable air-suspension seat is optimally positioned behind the front axle to help smooth out the ride when the going gets rough.

Easy-to-understand instruments and intuitive controls wrap around the operator so they're easier to view and operate.

A heavy-duty bi-level climate-control system with automotive-style louvers keeps the glass clear and cab comfortable.

The spacious center-mount seat and a comprehensive mirror package provide exceptional all-around visibility.

You won't find retarder pedals or levers in a Hitachi truck. Retarder aggressiveness is simply set on the switch pad. Everything else is automatic.

Intuitive Monitor

An intuitive monitor reveals vital operating information, detailed diagnostic readings of most sensors and switches and dump body function settings.


Solid State Switch Pad

Convenient sealed switch pad provides fingertip control of numerous productivity enhancing functions including: Dump body upper limit. Soft stop / hard stop selection, I-Tip and Speed Control.


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