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If you're looking to deliver more to your bottom line, choose Hitachi Articulated Dump Trucks.
These D-series ADTs handle heaped payloads with faster cycle times and best-in-class fuel efficiency - so you'll move more material at lower cost. They're highly reliable, too, with high-strength, welded-alloy steel chassis and components that are durable and optimized for no unnecessary weight. And with their oscillating frame joint, articulated steering, and high-floatation tyres, these hard working haulers won't let wet weather or steep grades dampen your plans.

Add enhancements such as a Tier 3 emission-certified engine, solid state electrical system, spacious redesigned cab with refined controls, and you have everything you need to maximise uptime and productivity.

Extensive use of high-strength, lightweight materials gives these trucks the best payload-to-mass ratios and hauling efficiencies in each class.

With their oscillating frame and high-floatation tyres, Hitachi trucks won't leave you stuck on muddy, rutted or hilly terrain.

The redesigned sound-suppressed cab features fatigue-beating controls, advanced diagnostic monitor, a sealed-switch module for convenient and fingertip operation of numerous functions.

Fuel-efficient Tier 3 emission-certified engines deliver clean power without compromise in all conditions. Leading-edge emissions technology ensures rapid engine response and dependable cold-start performance

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