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Other Construction Machinery
 Changsha, Hunan

1. Advanced technical performance. Adopting CAM bus-mastering technology, has functions like electrical-hydraulic ratio adjustment, auto power adjustment, auto balance control. Powerful, efficient, reliable, and good ratio of performance on cost. Depth of the milling is 0~300mm, maximum milling width is 2000mm, academic capability of deliverer is 290m3 /h.
2. Reliable quality. All major components adopts global advanced product, highest equipments among the same class domestic products, like Benz electronical injecting diesel engine equipped with all electrical motor management system from Germany, original imported transfer gearbox, radiator, decelerator, high performance microprocessor RC6-9, walking motor, integrated oil pump, distribute valve, stacked electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, one-way valve, electromagnetic overflow valve and other components, and speedy shifting cutter and cut base original imported from USA.
3. Logical structure, convenient operation. There are control panels on both sides in the cab, the operator could do the same operation at both sides. There are engine rotate speed instrument, engine water temperature instrument, electronical instrument, control system pressure, belt transmission and walking system pressure instrument, alarm for the oil strain and all operation director on the control panel, convenient and accurate.
4. Wide application. This machine is widely use in road surface maintenance project for high level road, civil avenue, airport and square. Major project object is asphalt compound road surface, and also available for concrete road surface. It’s applied for road renewal, road repave, road repair, and milling for road and square, also available for million and digging.
5. Safety. All security instructions are clean and detailed. In the urgent situation, 5 switches in the different place of the machine could do the urgent break. Logical lock function of the electrical control system could prevent misoperation of the operator. Alarm, working instruction light, security light, and mobile magnate base light ensures the machine could work at any weather.

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