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Zoomlion HBT100.18.195RS Trailor Pump
 Hunan, China

A. Strong power serve for you
We seeking the best for your around the world. Our persistence pursuit is provide the most suitable concrete pump for you.
The engines equipped are from world famous brands such as VOLVO, DEUTZ and so on. They are powerful, environmental protection and energy-saving. The motors equipped are from domestic famous brands, they are steady and reliable.
2.Throttle double insurance
The perfect combination of manual and auto throttle provides you convenience.
3.Top brand main pump
Main pumps are original imported from Germany Rexroth and Hawe, they feature first-class quality and reliable.

B. High efficiency pumping system
Professional relies on Zoomlion. As the cradle of the domestic concrete pumping technology, we always hold the pulse of the development of concrete pumping technology. Our heart and soul devotion and pay is to help you enjoy the joy of success all the time.
1.Double-pump and double-circuit hydraulic system
The pumping loop single provides oil, thus the energy can be fully used and it can realize long-distance and large opening high pressure pumping. Control loop single provides oil, thus realize powerful swinging. The pumping loop and control loop are entirely separated, thus it is easy to check and find fault, and is also easy to maintain and overhaul.
2.Concrete pistons auto-retract technique
The time of replacing a piston was shortened from 2 hours to 15 minutes, it asks for less labor and time. Mechanical and hydraulic double limitations provide safety and reliability.
3.High-low pressure auto-switch
Just press the key, it is so convenient and fast.
4.High suction
The optimized designed pumping system make the real pumping efficiency reach 80% above the theoretical value, the suction efficiency exceeds 10~15% than other similar vehicles in the industry. It is also economical.
5.Pumping mechanism
Pumping mechanism (patent No.: 200420068681.7) combines the concrete cylinder, water tank, pumping oil cylinder into a integrity through special structure, it improves the coaxiality between the pumping oil cylinder and concrete cylinder, reduces the resistance of empty pumping, thus further enhance the overall performance of the concrete pump.

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