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Pump Truck
 Changsha, Hunan

1.Top configuration reliable guarantee
Develop and produce the most suitable truck-mounted concrete pump for you is our invariable pursuit.
Chassis: Benz, Volvo chassis are luxury, comfort, and excellent in performance; Isuzu, Hino chassis are economic, and perfect in maintenance network; the special chassis made by Zoomlion feature high performance-price ratio.
Engine: the Energy-Saving Technology of power-auto match insure the unionization ratio of the fuel, the fuel consumption is 25% lower than similar truck-mounted concrete pumps, all the emission reach the GB17691-2005 (the Ⅲ stage) or Euro Ⅲ standard, it is Environment protection and energy saving.
Transfer Case: adopt the original transfer cases from STEIBELL and other companies in Germany; it features good sealing, compact structure, light weight, full lubrication, top brand, and reliable quality.

2.High efficiency pumping system
Professional relies on Zoomlion. As the cradle of the domestic concrete pumping technology, we always hold the pulse of the development of concrete pumping technology. Our heart and soul devotion and pay is to help you enjoy the joy of success all the time.
Double-pump and double-circuit closed hydraulic system:
The system compaction is 20% lighter than open system; The system is reliable, and the hydraulic components owns longer service life; The outriggers and booms are unease to crake and move steadier; the hydraulic oil circulate in internal which is more environmental protection and stronger in demulsify; the oil consumption is 30% lower than the open system, and the oil replacing cost also reduced.
Piston auto-retract technology:
Less labor and time in replacing the piston; both mechanical and hydraulic position-limitation is safe and reliable.
Full-hydraulic reversing technology:
The concrete mechanic adopts the reliable closed system full-hydraulic reversing technology for the first time, it greatly improve the control precision and further reduce the system compaction.
High suction:
The optimized designed pumping system make the real pumping efficiency reach 80% above the theoretical value, the suction efficiency exceeds 10~15% than other machines in the industry, it is economical.

3.Reliable boom system
The compaction to the boom is lighter; no blind area would appear while pumping. The excellent materials, accurate design, and precise manufacture can help you work freely all the time.
The booms adopt the models of RZ type, Z type and R type.
(1)Characteristics of the RZ booms:
The height requirement of unfolding the booms is low; while folding and unfolding the booms the space requirement is small but the speed is fast; Booms operation is convenient and flexible, and the effective operating range is wide; You can do pumping in small areas, i.e., it is convenient to be inserted into a whole of the size of a window; beautiful and neat in appearance.
(2)Characteristics of the Z booms:
Space requirement is small while unfolding the booms, and the speed of folding and unfolding the booms is fast. It is more convenient to replace pipes, thus be more suitable for narrow working space.
Elaborative design:
Though finite element analysis, modal analysis, dynamic analysis and repeated test, and with the support of precise data, the boom system is guaranteed to be reasonable in structure and excellent in performance.
Excellent materials:
Made of high quality 700~900Mpa high strength steel plates from Swiss, feature high reliability.
Precise manufacture:
Every steel plate and welding seam passed 100% no injury test; they are rigorous in process and outstanding in durability.
Speed stepless adjust of the booms
Stepless adjust of booms, with sensitive proportional control system make it simply to adjust the speed of booms, and acquire excellent operation performance.
New buffering technique:
The patent of new buffering technique on swing cylinder reduces the lateral compaction to the booms.

4.Preeminent intelligent control
We pay attention to every nerve ending in the nervous system of the whole vehicle. The vehicle features high automation in electrical system, humanization in design, more suitable for real working condition.
energy-saving control
The self-developed energy-saving control technique set the output power of the engine auto match according to the load change, it reduce the oil consumption to the utmost.
Intelligent control and diagnosis:
Technology of pumping process’s automatic adjust for keeping steady, system parameters are monitored in real time, data automatic-analyzing and handling system, perfect self-protection function.
Friendly human-machine interface:
The humanized human-machine interface of takakiyo and precision touch type can lead you log in the information pages you want and gain the information you need.
Safe-operation control technique:
Effective anti-misoperation control design ensures the reliable and safe operation of the system.
Feedback-type remote controller:
With the data feedback type remote controller with bidirectional communication technique, operators can real time monitor the working parameters of the vehicle. It is more safe and reliable.
Database of equipment manage:
Working data record and manager system, maintenance indicates, embedded maintenance guide set the management and maintenance of the vehicle is more convenient.
GPS remote locate control:
The features of accurate locate, omni directional data monitor and manage can help you master and control the working status of your vehicle without ever leaving home.

5.Value-added accessories enhance profit-making ability
Starting from the customer, focus on the operation cost; we are making every effort to manufacture profit-making weapons.
Low consumption but high efficiency lubricate:
The lubrication system adopts auto-centralized oil supply system with features of forced filtration, pre-pressed double-pump and energy-saving, thus it can fully supply oil, do well the lubrication, spend less labor and time, and it reduce over 50% oil consumption compared to the general continuous oil filling.
Components own longer service life:
Water& pollutions bypass absorption and filtration function is added on the return oil loop, thus it prolongs the service life of the hydraulic components.
Weary parts are wear-resistant
Glass plates and cutting rings are made of high strength hard alloy. The service times of the glass plates reach 130000m3 and reduce the use cost.
Low cost in later maintenance:
Main purchased components are from top brands in the world, which own longer service life and required for low cost in later maintenance.

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