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Concrete Placing Boom
 Changsha, Hunan

1、Full hydraulic drive, 360° slewing; the balance valve and solenoid directional control valve are relatively imported from Italian Oilcontrol and Germany Rexroth.
2、Main components of the electrical system are imported from world famous companies such as Japan Omron and France Schneider.
3、The slewing mechanism is normally closed type: i.e., slewing brake is always closed in general working conditions except that the slewing motor is connected with oil, the whole vehicle can not slew, the placing boom is fixed to avoid collision.
4、Both wired and wireless remote control are available.
5、High safety: equipped with multiple safety protection devices.
6、Low cost: the delivery bend pipes are accurately bend-cast, thus even the wearing of the pipes and prolong its service life.
7、The main structural components of the concrete placing boom use the materials of Q235B and Q345B, they are in accordance with the standard of E24 and E36 of NF A.
8、While in shipment, the whole vehicle can be decomposed into several parts, the weights and geometry sizes are as follows (the total weight is about 21T):

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