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Concrete Placing Boom
 Changsha, Hunan

The structure of boom is optimized by adopting advanced designs and technologies such as finite element analysis, dynamics emulate, model analysis, sample machine test, etc. Imported high strength steel ensures high quality and reliability.
Key components such as boom and vertical column adopt overall heat treatment to control residual stress and deformation efficiently.
Through assembly welding, the vertical column is of high interchangeability.
With the proportional control technology applied in multi-valve, the change of boom’s motion speed can be changed at random by adjusting the angle of driving handle, which is of superior operating performance.
With remote control distance up to 100 meters and four optional frequency ranges, simple and reliable operation could be carried out.
Diversified installation mode of the boom includes floor type, elevator shaft type, wall type, ship mounted type and tower type.
The embedded parts can be recycled.
Two inter –locked working status of placing and climbing enhances the safety and reliability of climbing process.
The delivery pipe is made from high quality steel and adopts patented heat treatment technology with a service life twice longer than normal pipe.

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