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 Changsha, Hunan

A、Excellent concrete mixer
The concrete mixer is chosen from domestic famous brand---- twin-shaft pugmill concrete mixers from Zhuhai SICOMA company
• Multi-stirring piece design and unique mixing angle make the mixing faster and more uniform, improved the production efficiency to 30 seconds per tank.
• Excellent mixing performance: hard concrete, Simi-stiff concrete, plastic concrete and other kinds of concrete in different proportional ratios can be done by this equipment.
• Liners and stirring pieces are made of alloy of high chromium and high molybdenum which own longer service life.
• Shaft seal is applied with patented air pressure seal; it effectively prevents the leakage of mortars.
• Auto-lubricate system ensure the permanently operation of mixing system.
• Water is injected into the concrete mixer which fastens the mixing of water and mix materials as well as thoroughly cleans it.
• Opening gates mechanism directed by hydraulic can adjust the opening angle in accordance while discharging, which effectively prevent overspill while discharging the finished materials into truck-mounted concrete mixers.

B、High-qualified batcher
• Both gross and precision weighing are of high precision.
• Excellent weighing sensor guarantees the precision and steady of weighting.
• Main corollary parts are domestic famous brands which feature high reliability.
• The reasonable structure mostly is made of squares steels; it is strong in stiffness and beautiful in appearance. .
• Steady convey ensure the normal feeding of materials.
• 4 kinds of aggregate can be weighed at the same time, it saves time and improve the efficiency.
• Screw tension device is equipped in rear part, it can conveniently adjust the tension degree of the belt at any time.
• Vibrators are installed on sidewall of sand silo and sand weighing hopper for fast weighing and discharging.

C、Humanized slant belt conveyor
• Enclosed convey prevent dust and blanking materials, it is environmental protection.
• Bilateral platform is convenient for maintenance and overhaul.
• Belt with nylon inner core effectively guarantee the steady of conveying as well as its service life.
• Automatic alarm for deviation and draw wire emergency stop button ensure the safety of operation.
• Forward-tilt supporting roller of trough type can automatic adjust core and avoid deviation.
• Tension of drop-weight type does not need to be frequently adjusted.
• Centralized collection of the spilled materials makes the clean more convenient.
• Azure weather enclosure made of steel plates is beautiful in appearance.

D、Accurate measuring performance and measuring system
Components for measuring, controlling and signal conversion are of world famous brands. The high precision sensor, imported microcomputer control and individual measuring (accumulated measuring) are steady in performance and accurate in measuring.
The spiral conveyor specially designed for powder materials and blades of variable pitch own high efficiency in conveying. Pneumatic butterfly valve from WAM Company is tight in seal and reliable in action; water and liquid additive are gross and accurate weighed.

E、Powerful electric control system
It adopts the control mode of advanced industrial control computer + PLC + the display instrument, PLC in charge of signal sampling and output control, industrial control computer dynamically display production process and production management, instrument auxiliary display data of ingredient. Full automatic, semi-automatic and manual operations are available, and this mode also owns the features of easy operation, friendly interface, high reliability and flexible expansion.
• Special weighing technology ensures the precision and reliability of the weighing system.
• Visual monitoring interface can clearly and exactly simulate the working process on site.
• Weighing calibrating management adopts digital weighing calibrating technology, the metric balance can be directly and simply calibrated on the weighing calibrating interface of the host computer.
• Automatic track and compensating amend the fall.
• You can modify the ingredient data on-line and in real time amend the water proportion.
• System faults will be alarmed and reminded in time.
• Data manage the production, set up database, inquire and statistic the production data at any time.
• Printed manage the report forms. It can print the report forms of the very cylinder and truck in real time, inquire and statistic production data report forms.
• Material level manage the powder silo, it can automatic calculate the powder materials’consumption in each silo, and accurately display the material level currently.
• It adopts low-pressure control components from the world famous company France Schneider.
• Network expansion system is optional, it can realize resource sharing the production management and long-distance monitor and maintenance the equipment.

F、Outstanding environmental protection performance
The whole process of powder materials’ feeding-in, proportioning, measuring, feeding and discharging are done under hermetic condition. Dust collector for mixing is specially designed by the world famous WAM Company, it is connected to the cover of the concrete mixer and dust tubes of concrete measurement silo and powder coal ash measurement silo. This dust collector removes dust by negative pressure which prevents dust diffusion after entering into the dust collector and has good dusting effect. The fully-closed main mixing building and belt conveying structure greatly reduce the dust and noise pollution

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