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Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
 Changsha, Hunan

ZOOMLION KSD15 Horizontal Directional Drilling System


ColliDrill, Brevini, Samhydraulik, Igus, Radiodetection


1) Choose world-renowned components and parts, including hydraulic, electrical components and drill rod. 


ColliDrill, Brevini, Samhydraulik, Igus, Radiodetection, a lot of world famous components and parts can be found. They have been combined together, and made into satisfying exquisite articles.


2) Electro hydraulic proportional control technology is efficient and energy-saving, at the same time, makes operating much easier and more comfortable.


In the working process of the drill machine, diesel engines adjust output power automatically according to the driving demand of drill tools.


3) Abundant power reserve ensures powerful power output and can cope with emergencies. Super high power140kW and 7900Nm powerful torque are outstanding in drill machines of the same level.


4) Integrated configuration, compact structure and convenient running. The main operating mechanism of KSD15 drill is integrated reasonably and arranged at the chassis platform with compact structure and satisfactory for transportation of common vehicles. Hydraulic, electrical components and pipe lines are located properly and protected reliably, which is convenient for daily maintenance.


5) Automatic anchorage, automatic assembling and disassembling drill rods and hydraulic slurry jet pump can free the operation staff from fatigue.


6) Excellent design, high reliability and grantee safe construction.


7) Efficient slurry mixing system can meet the demand of pipe line construction in large diameter, long distance and complicated stratum.


8) Safe, reliable and complete fitting 10, the design conception that centre of gravity approaches the centre of turning circle as possible while the equipment is working and high pressure start-up/low pressure braking rotary balanced valves make sure that large weight on trucks has little impact when rolling stops. This improves positioning accuracy and also protect the system.


9) Four-hinge-point changing range framework with optimum design, large diameter and high strength jointing spindle make the equipment work with more reliability and safety.  


10) Three sections of convertible mast adopt great circular arc shaped structure and high tension steel with high strength, light weight and well rigidity. Unique mast turntable lubricates oil duct and anti occlusion framework separately, which makes the operation more stable and have longer lifetime.


11) Machine locks type telescopic drill rod with direct pressure can reach 20 tons and the effective drill depth reaches 56m; the effective drill depth of friction type telescopic drill rod can reach 70m.


12) Power head with heavy shock absorber can absorb the shock efficiently when the drill rod falls down.


13) Reasonable winch drum rope slog design greatly improves the lifetime of ropes.


14) Unique power head pressure lubrication loop resolves mutual channeling and oil seepage phenomenon of power head pressure lubrication and hydraulic oil.


15) Balanced valves of derricking cylinder and mast cylinder have non-pressure structure, which makes the derricking mechanism and mast up and down with smooth speed to prevent great impact in the process of running.


16) Dust proof and pressurized air conditioning driving cab, slipping sun-shield and human engineering operation platform


17) The whole electric control system is computer central control system with bus control.  


18) Automatic power control engine realizes closed-loop control of rotating speed, hydraulic system pressure and the main pump output, and will not make your engine rotating speed stall as a result of different loads and protect the engine to a Max. extent. Users can choose different engine rotating speed according to different geology to make full use of every engine rotating speed gear and make the engine operate economically, efficiently and reliably

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