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High working efficiency, LG953 wheel loader increases its engine low speed torque and matches driving system and hydraulic system reasonably; fast speed, short lifting time, the total time is less than 9.5 seconds, the operation cycle time of the machine is less than 20 seconds, the working efficiency is 10% higher than the average level.

Strong working capability, The hydrualic system working pressure reach 18Mpa,the ground breakout force exceed 16t, with higher lifting capability and breakout force.
Stable and flexible transportation, A large tilt angle of bucket enables it to load more, when the bucket return, it lean on boom closely ,so LG953 spill seldomly in delivery.high reliability promise the lowest damages of the stones giving the tyres. At the same time, the turing radius of the outside rear wheel is only 6.2m, then make the delivery more flexible.

Performance features:
Weichai Steyr diesel engine offers great power and torque reserve and has lower fuel consumption and less noise. The engine has reliable performance and is equipped with the standard 2-stage air filter adaptable to the more dusted work sites.

The LG50 power shift planetary transmission is compact and has more durable gears. The new type of vibration damper is used to improve shock absorbing effects.

The selected model is Lingong 5-ton reinforced drive axle featuring outstanding performance and mature technologies. This drive axle has more load bearing capability and higher reliability.

The whole piece of carriage structure has been through finite element optimization design and 200,000 times of fatigue intensified test. Both the front and rear carriages use the plate-style structure and thus the gravity is well-distributed. It has strong loading capability and rigidity as well as good stability.

The hood becomes wider and has a streamlined shape. The engine space is larger and its radiation and maintenance become more easy.

The radiator structure is optimized to offer more effective heat dissipation area. The air intake and outlet channel design of the overall cooling system is optimized to effectively lower water temperature in the engine, oil temperature in the hydraulic system and thus increase the cooling efficiency.

he precise instrument control system has the ability to monitor the parameters of fuel, water temperature and air pressure in a real-time manner ensuring smooth driving. The electric units have been through optimized design and overall improvements have been made to the electric system.

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