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Other Construction Machinery
 Changsha, Hunan

LQC series asphalt compound mixing equipment adopts compulsion mixing process, introduced latest technology from the top mixing equipment of the world. It adopts exclusive modularization design, on site bus-mastering technology, featured with reliability, easy installation, convenient operation and environmental protection, widely used in construction area like high level road, civil construction, airport and seaport. It could product qualified asphalt compound under any circumstance. The technology and performance had reached the global advanced level, leading in domestic.

Performance Feature
1.Adopting modularization structure, logical layout, could be flexibly formed into several equipments according to the requirement of the construction. It cancelled the base bolt of the equipment, simplified basement, convenient for installation and maintenance.
2.Highly equipped product, major outsourced components are all from world top brand, like Schneider electric components from France, Simens engineer controller from Germany, SEW decelerator from Germany, and FAG axle. The quality of the product is stable and reliable.
3.Cold Resource Stove adopts taper structure with best angle, output is stable and continuous; there are bars installed on the top to prevent overlarge resource entrance. Every resource belt machine adopts border belt, frequency conversion speed adjusting, and resource flow supervising equipment installed at the resource exit. There is vibratory griddle fixed at the exit of the resource collecting belt, to eliminate over-scaled resource.
4.Drying Roller is equipped with four independent attrition driving wheel, the best match of structure dimension and burning mechanism, efficient for heat shifting. Under normal situation, the temperature of the air-emission is less than 100℃. Good airproof and heat preservation, pretty profile, environmental protection and energy saving. Under the same working condition, comparing to the same class product, it could save over 0.3kg fuel per ton resource.
5.Burning mechanism adopsts Benninghoven from Germany and other international top brand, efficient entirely burning, wide adjustment range, accurate, available for diesel, heavy oil and other fuel.
6.Heat resource vibratory bolt adopts all closed structure, straight inertia vibratory bolt, five layers griddle net, efficient for griddle. Griddle net adopted with spring, easy for maintenance and change. The axle of the vibrator is imported exclusive vibratory axle, lubricated with oil, longer usage life.
7.Measure system adopts imported weighting sensor, airproof structure, accurate rate 0.02%, suitable for any weather. Information process is executed by exclusive weithting module, remove middle parameters transfer, measure accuracy and respond speed improved a lot.
8.Finished source storage stove had special anti-isolation equipment on the top, joint connection bottom track, convenient for truck take source directly under the mixer. Deliver truck adopts frequency conversion speed adjustment, accurate position, error of positioning is less than 10mm, supplied with steel wire in case of loose, safety and reliable.
9.Double horizontal axle mixer, low filling rate, strong power. Powder and asphalt inject through axle, short mixing period. Special design on mixer and scaleboard material, efficient and endurable, over 100,000 times usage life. Infrared temperature tester supervising the temperature of the finished source for every process, less than 3℃ error. Meanwhile, it has the outlet for SMA additive and regeneration source.
10.The filtration for the powder has two process way, inertia settlement and bag dust clean, more standard on powder recycle. Bag dust catcher adopts low filtration wind and air pulse reflow design, efficient on filtration, dust emission thickness is less than 20mg/Nm3. Entrance of the dust catcher has protection equipment for overheated gas, more safe in use of dust catcher bag.
11.Control system adopts latest technology achievement like industry ethernet, on site bus, remote testing communication, reliable and stable. Click with mouse could finish all operations, simple and convenient. System dynamic supervises all manufacture process. It has functions like parameter setting, data management, auto compensate for error, self diagnose on malfunction. Leading in domestic.

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