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Crawler Paver-Finisher
 Changsha, Hunan

1.All major mechanism are independent hydraulic driven, auto control, ensures stability during the paving process, minimize the factor which affect the accuracy of the paving, keeps high accuracy of the paving.
2.Hydraulic pump for walking, auger, temper and other with bid loading and concussion all adopts international well-known heavy series variable column pump, improved the system’s loading capability, ensures stability and continuity during the paving process, less heat emission, more efficient.
3.Balance, walking, material paved by auger, material delivered to cutter, all applied with close response control theory, testing the work parameter through sensor, feedback to controller, realize accurate auto control.
4.Walking system adopts exclusive walking controller original imported from Germany, ensures straight and even speed walking and stable swerve, accurate paving, fully meet paving requirement of the asphalt layer of highway.
5.Deutz 6 cylinder center cooling engine original imported from Germany, powerful, suitable for any paving situation, meet requirement from tableland.
6.Global purchasing, all top hydraulic and electrical components, decelerator, axle, ensures the best quality among the same type paver, and highest reliability.
7.Auto lubrication system controlled by computer, ensures sufficient lubrication in all mechanism, minimize the daily maintenance.

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