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 Changsha, Hunan

1.All major mechanism are independent hydraulic driven, auto control, ensures stability during the paving process, minimize the factor which affect the accuracy of the paving, keeps high accuracy of the paving.
2.Hydraulic pump for walking, auger, temper and other with bid loading and concussion all adopts international well-known heavy series variable column pump, improved the system’s loading capability, ensures stability and continuity during the paving process, less heat emission, more efficient.
3.Balance, walking, material paved by auger, material delivered to cutter, all applied with close response control theory, testing the work parameter through sensor, feedback to controller, realize accurate auto control.
4.Walking system adopts exclusive walking controller original imported from Germany, ensures straight and even speed walking and stable swerve, accurate paving, fully meet paving requirement of the asphalt layer of highway.
5.Deutz 6 cylinder center cooling engine original imported from Germany, powerful, suitable for any paving situation, meet requirement from tableland.
6.Global purchasing, all top hydraulic and electrical components, decelerator, axle, ensures the best quality among the same type paver, and highest reliability.
7.Auto lubrication system controlled by computer, ensures sufficient lubrication in all mechanism, minimize the daily maintenance.

Basic Paving Width
 2.5 m
Max.Paving Width
 12 m
Max.Paving Thickness
Paving Speed
 0~16 m/min
Traveling Speed
 0~4 km/h
Theoretical Productivity
 800 t/h
Hopper Capacity
 14 t
Temper Stroke
 Front Temper 0/3/6/9/12mm
Rear Temper3/5/7/8/9mm
Tamper Frequency
 0~28 Hz
Vibrator Frequency
 0~58 Hz
Method of Screed Extension
Crown Adjustment
Engine Type
 161 kw/2300rpm
 Burning with dimethylmethane
Total Weight

 Electrical Components 
Original imported electromagnetism valve, potentiometer and other electrical components, strong support for Zoomlion paver’s reliability and performance.
 Hydraulic Complement 
Original imported hydraulic valve, rubber pipeline, joint and other hydraulic complements, strong support for Zoomlion paver’s reliability and performance.
 Helix Lamina, Anti-grind Soleplate 
Made from hardness and anti-grind materials, screed, helix lamina, and soleplate are endurable, reliable.
 Walding Driving
With motor, torque decelerator and break application integrated driving equipment, walking system is efficient and strong capability of loading.
 Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic system adopts heavy load system components, large loading capability, efficient transmission, and high reliability.
Equipped with water-cooling, turbine pressure engine, strong and powerful. LTU120A equipped with brand new engine EMR2 management system.
 Fan Cooler 
Adopting major radiator and supplementary radiator two radiation system, more efficient on radiation, ensures no overheat under hot environment and continuous working. 
 New Hydraulic Telescoped Screed 
Optimized designed screed, even under hard situation, could ensure hardness of the screed. Side tension mechanism of the screed could auto adjust according to the flex of the screed, improved the horizontal hardness of the screed a lot, even under the situation of strong resistance, the screed will not be bent.
Walking system adopts exclusive walking controller exclusive for large paver, efficiently ensures straight and even speed of the walking and balanced swerve, keep high accuracy of the paving, fully meet the paving requirement of the asphalt layer of the highway. 
 Balance System 
Standard balance system is two vertical and one horizontal, high accuracy and reliability, applied for any situation. General controller joint, clients could choose domestic or imported balance system, or equip the latest sensor ultrasonic balance girder or laser scanner balance control system.

 Guizhou Civicism Project (Paver)
Guizhou Civicism Project (Paver)
 Inner Mongolia Highway (Paver)
Inner Mongolia Highway (Paver)
 Shenyang Project (Paver)
Shenyang Project (Paver)
 Yunnan Anchu High Way (Paver and Double Drum Road Roller)
Yunnan Anchu High Way (Paver and Double Drum Road Roller)
 Lian-HUo Highway, Shao-Luo Highway (Planner, Paver)
Lian-HUo Highway, Shao-Luo Highway (Planner, Paver)

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