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Zoomlion PY190 Motor Grader
 Changsha, Hunan

On the base of introduction experience from grader manufacturer all around the world, adopting international advanced I-Deas three-dimension design method and top manufacture technology, Zoomlion Grader is the top grader in the world.
With more logical output torque storage, strong power, flexible, small turning radium and other advantages, this grader has outstanding performance overland and work adaptability, clipper-built profile design, humanized layout in the driving cab, high-power air condition, make the work situation more optimized.
1.Strong driving power and efficient gearing
Shangcai D6224 motor (selectable for Cummins from USA or Shangcai C6121 motor) especially for construction machinery, strong power, high torque storage, efficient, ensuring stable and reliable power output under any circumstance.
ZF technology gear-transmission, gear shifting with load, no concussion, ensuring accurate and flexible walking and pace changing, ensuring the reliability and flexibility of the operation.
Co-invested driving wheels and balance box, ensures reliable power output and the machine's safety and reliability
2.Advanced and reliable hydraulic system
The hydraulic system adopts international advanced control technology and imported pipe tie-in, sealing component. Operation hydraulic pipeline fixed with imported multiply directional control valve, hydraulic break pipeline fixed with imported break application valve, ensures the reliability of the whole hydraulic system.
3.Endurable and efficient working mechanism
The cutter adopts imported endurable and hard material, tight, endurable, reliable, and long usage life. Powerful cutter greatly improved the grader's work efficiency. Selectable front bull board and rear ridge buster enlarged the grader's working area.
4.Pleasant operation environment and clipper-built profile design
The cab is airproof, ensuring cleaning working environment, special arc surface designed cab, keeps open visual field, openable ventilation window, ensures ventilation inside.
Recumbent cold/warm air condition, ensures pleasant temperature for operation. The layout of the air condition adopts Zoomlion exclusive patent technology (Patent Code: ZL2005 200508797), a T shaped air outlet structure, winds come from two sides of the back, more comfortable, improving operation environment a lot.
The steering wheel and the chair are adjustable for all operators in different figure, make the operation system more humanized mechanical project.
Special double leaf streamline open cover, make the maintenance to the motor more convenient. Special noise killing measure make the noise reached the CE authentication standard, exported to EU, Asia and Africa.

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