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Aerial Work Truck
 Changsha, Hunan

◆Outrigger mechanism: fix the Piston Rod everywhere at random with the help of the double-direction hydraulic-clockin Outrigger Cylinders of Cranes in order to avoid the automatic retraction of the Outrigger when the aerial work platform is working and to avoid the rupture of hose and the overturn accident caused by the voltage losing of Outrigger.
◆Leveling Mechanism: with the help of linkage leveling mechanism, make sure the bucket kept on horizontal level all the time at any pace in the work area in order to work stably and safely.
◆Throttle manipulator device: adopt hydrostatic gearing. When step on the accelerator pedal on the dexter lower control box, with the help of the Linkage Mechanism, the engine carburetor rod will be pulled and change the rotate speed of the engine to increase the flow of oil-pump as a result the speed of the Slewing Mechanism will be changed according to the demand of the manipulator.
◆Hydraulic pressure system: hydraulic parts such as Hydraulic Pump, balance valve and Electro Hydraulic Proportional compound valve are famous brands at home and abroad. The hydrostatic transmission features tightly packed structure, realizing being stepless speed change, transferring larger moment, acting stably convenient to operate and being easy to carry out supercharging protection
◆Electronic Control System: there is a Control System divided into major control gear and assistant control gear on the Turntable and bucket respectively. Each system can switch and lock with each other and control the actions of aerial platform vehicle independently as a result the upper and lower operators can work according to actual situation

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