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Crawler Crane
 Changsha, Hunan

1. Outstanding lifting capacity: leading the trade and exceeding your imagination!


2. The crawler crane can carry out self-assembly/dismantling motion without the help of other auxiliary crane; the connecting parts are driven by the power pin cylinder; and the auxiliary mechanism of boom frame is designed distinctively. All the three features make the assembly, dismantling, conversion of the machine on the site and transportation between sites quicker and more convenient.

3. The crane adopts Germany Becker centralized lubrication system which can ensure convenient maintenance and reduce the wear of component parts.

4. The dual-winch derricking mechanism makes derricking motion more stable and wire rope in order so that the service life of wire rope can be extended greatly.

5. The closed slewing mechanism with two slewing reducers, which has free swing function, can ensure accurate and stable slewing motion and excellent jogging performance.

6. The traveling mechanism can make the crane have high maneuverability and perform such motions as traveling in straight line, one-side crawler steering, differential steering and turning on the spot as well as traveling with load.

7. The control system is an electro-hydraulic proportional control system and computer integrated control system. The hydraulic system is open-close variable system and the electrical system adopts CAN-bus technology. A color digital LCD, which is fitted in operator’s cab, can display the relative parameters effectively in real time. Furthermore, the electrical system can switch off crane when it is overloaded, cut off boom derricking motion when main boom and jib reaches limit position and carry out fault self-diagnosis.

8. The distinctive method of mounting the ballast is of simplicity, reliability, so the ballast can be fitted and removed easily.

9. The key components are imported from Germany.

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