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Zoomlion QUY350 Crawler Crane

Engine: Imported original Cummins engine, with strong power, low noise and good environmental protection. Its emission is up to non-road III emissions standard.

PLC controller: imported original Finland, which is designed specially for army industry, has strong shock resistance and anti-interference ability.

The contactless and Bus-controlled electrical control lever, which has a wide adjusting range, can guarantee excellent jogging performance. On the control lever is fitted with a latch button which can avoid inadvertent operation (because the operation of control lever will be of no use without the latch button being pressed.) Such control lever is convenient and practical.

The function of Limit-load-control enables engine in optimal working condition.

Tri-color light indicator enables lifting commander to judge the load accurately.

Equipped with winch mechanism and monitoring device on the tail of vehicle.

Function of self assembly, cylinder of power pin and design of assist mechanism make the product easier to be assembled and disassembled.

The wire ropes of main and auxiliary hoist winch adopt structure of rope fixation with pocket lock, which is convenient for assemble and dismantle. And its connection is safe and reliable.

Drum and highly-qualified rotation-resistant PFEIFER wire rope with long service life and safer lifting performance

The stretching transformation function of frame under the boom’s full working condition can achieve the narrow gauge mode that the two track’s outer width is 5m, which reduce largely the charge on disassembly & assembly department and transformation, and enhance greatly the working efficiency of wind power lifting.

Large powered traveling driven mechanism strengthened the walking ability with load and grade climbing ability with boom.

Spacious and pitch tiltable driver’s cab, which is in accordance with the ergonomics and with broad view, have increased the operation comfort.

The two operation modes, working mode and setup mode, have decreased the risk of inadvertent operation to further ensure safety.

Centralized lubrication system has reduced the maintenance work and ensured the good and reliable lubrication of the whole vehicle.

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