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Crawler Crane
 Changsha, Hunan

1. This crawler crane is equipped with a VOLVO electronic fuel injection engine which has such advantages as strong power, low noise, slight vibration and excellent environmental protection performance.


2. The slewing ring imported from Germany has high reliability and long service life.

3. The PLC controller imported from Finland, which is manufactured specially for military industrial products, has strong shock resistance and anti-interference ability and can adapt to various adverse working conditions.

4. The automatic exhaust device fitted in hydraulic system can discharge the air in the system in time so as to efficiently prevent the hook from getting out of control.

5.The hydraulic system is fitted with several detection points, from which the signals detected will be transmitted to PLC controller. After analyzing the signal, the PLC controller, which has applied the limit load control technology, can make the engine keep in optimal working condition.

6. The contactless and Bus-controlled electrical control lever, which has a wide adjusting range, can ensure excellent jogging performance. The control lever is fitted with a function key, which can avoid inadvertent operation because the operation of the control lever will be of no use without the function key pressed. Such control lever is practical and has a long service life.

7. When PLC control system or touch screen fails, emergency measures can be taken to ensure that the system functions normally.

8. This crawler crane is equipped with a heating & cooling air conditioning system, which has two sets of heating control system. When the air conditioning is used in cold weather, the two sets of heating control system can be used to guarantee optimal heating effect.

9. The crawler crane can carry out self-assembly/dismantling motion without the help of other auxiliary crane; the connecting parts are driven by the power pin cylinder; and the auxiliary mechanism of boom frame is designed distinctively. All the three features make the assembly, dismantling, conversion of the machine on the site and transportation between sites quicker and more convenient.

10. The distinctive method of mounting the ballast is of simplicity, reliability, so the ballast can be fitted and removed easily.

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