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Crawler Crane
 Changsha, Hunan

Outstanding lifting capacity: leading the trade and exceeding your imagination!

1. The control system applied to this type of crane is an electronic management system, which adopts CAN bus technology, has intelligent fault diagnosis function and is equipped with intelligent color display.

2. The pendant plate made of high-strength plate, which has taken the place of traditional wire rope, has the advantages of excellent rigidity, light weight, great load-bearing capacity and low wind drag etc.

3. The crane is equipped with a self-assembly/dismantling system. No auxiliary crane is required for loading, unloading, assembly and dismantling.

4. The actuating time of brakes and the opening time of valves fitted in winch mechanisms can be adjusted freely to optimum matching state. The applied advanced PLC controller can make every speed parameter be adjusted within specified range in accordance with the user’s habit, which embodies the ergonomic design of our crane.

5. The slewing mechanism has controllable free swing function which can reduce the impacts on the crane and ensure that superstructure starts/stops slewing more stably. The external slewing ring and slewing reducer with great load-bearing capacity and high precision can ensure stable and precise slewing motion.

6. The traveling mechanism can make the crane have high maneuverability and perform such motions as traveling in straight line, one-side crawler steering, differential steering and turning on the spot as well as traveling with load.

7. The crane has free-fall function.

8. The main pump control system, which has the functions of advanced load feedback and electrically-controlled power adjustment, makes the crane have good jogging performance so as to satisfy the demands in different working conditions required by customers

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