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Crawler Crane
 Changsha, Hunan

1. This crawler crane, which is leading the way in lifting capacity, has strong superlift performance under three working conditions; its maximum rated lifting capacity is 600t, and the maximum lifting capacity and radius is 600T×9M when the crane works with superlift counterweight;


2. Wireless remote control technology is applied to assemble and dismantle the crawler carrier. Remote monitoring system GPS/GPRS is adopted, which has the functions of global positioning, working condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, remote maintenance and warning, and anti-theft.

3. The tilting-back support of luffing jib, whose structure is entirely new, provides multiple safety protection.

4. Powerful driving force of traveling mechanism, high-quality track shoe material, and the added support roller on track shoe can reduce the wearing degree of track shoe effectively.

5. The Load Moment Limiter has an added lifting capacity enquiring function, by which the operator can get to know the lifting capacities under various working conditions and determine the required boom configurations of crane in accordance with the construction conditions.

6. The open/close pump control variable system, which is controlled by electro-hydraulic proportional control valve, applies CAN Bus control technology.

7. The slewing mechanism has controllable free-swing function which can reduce the impacts on the crane and ensure that superstructure starts/stops swing more stably. The external roller type (triple row bearing) slewing ring and slewing reducer imported from Germany, which has the advantages of great load-bearing capacity and high precision, can ensure stable and precise slewing motion.

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