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QY130KTruck Crane is a new large-tonnage mobile crane researched and developed by our company. Six-axle carrier with three for drive and four for steering, has good off-road capability; optimized oviform boom profile has excellent lifting capacity; control system with program logic controller (PLC) reliable and precise; application of new technology such as self-erecting combined counterweight, tilt-able operator’s cab greatly improves the whole performance, and makes operation more comfortable and convenient. This truck crane is suitable for lifting operation and installation work in plants, mines, ports, construction sites, etc.

The features of the machine as follows:

1.Compact structure, reasonable arrangement, wide outrigger span, and 360º operation of the boom.

2.Six-axle off-road carrier equipped with imported Cummins engine and automatic transmission, max. grade-ability of 40%; maneuverable steering system, good pass-ability, min. turning diameter of 24m.

3.Lifting operation is controlled by integrated PLC for construction machinery. Control signals and operating performance chart of parts can be set and adjusted with digit. Working safety, reliability and efficiency are improved greatly.

4.Electric control outriggers leveled by button, and accelerator speed-up button improve working efficiency greatly.

5.6-section boom of oviform boom profile, special blocks and aligning devices and imported high-tension steel plates, minimize the boom weight, make boom telescope smoothly and align accurately and improve the lifting capacity greatly.

6.EuroⅡengine for construction machinery equipped on superstructure smooth running, lower noise, powerful output and suitable for continuous work of long time.

7.Self-erecting counterbalances—can be variously combined to meet various working requirements. Various combination of counterweight improves the lifting capacity of mid-extended boom. Movable control box facilitate operation of counterweight.

8.Hydraulic system is a constant power and variable displacement system of cost energy and high efficiency. Combined with PLC, it can adjust flow and pressure of the system according to the change of load automatically, control speed precisely and sensitively.

9.Comfortable operator’s cab with integrated front and roof windows, air-conditioning, roller blinds, adjustable operator’s seat, noise and heat insulation, and can be tilted backwards 20°.

10.Optional central lubrication system. During operation, it will lubricate main positions automatically according to the preset time interval.

Other optional parts such as jib, single top, anti-ultraviolet rays glazing, and radio-cassette player in operator’s cab are available.

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