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Truck Crane
 Changsha, Hunan

This type of truck crane, integrating its elegant appearance, bright color and outstanding performance, has become the classic product in light-duty truck crane.

The crane adopts a standard-type and self-made special-purpose chassis with a full-width driver’s cab. The chassis drive type is 6×4.

The crane adopts Weifang Diesel Deutzengine which is specially developed for those cranes that often travel at low speed. This kind of engine not only can produce large output torque when it starts and increase the traveling speed quickly, but also has excellent starting performance and good gradeability.

The 6-speed gearbox boasts such advantages as large load-bearing capacity, low noise and long service life as well as maneuverable gear-shifting.

The crane is fitted with a 32m long hexagon-section boom which is made of high-strength steel, so the boom has strong resistance to bending and torsion. The distinctively-designed circular arc sliding block (having obtained a national patent) makes the stress distributed more evenly, the load carrying capacity stronger, and the adjustment easier. The local rigidity in boom supporting point is good, which has improved the lifting capacity on boom with same thickness and achieved the goal of greater lifting capacity on lighter boom.

Thanks to the free-falling function of main winch and free-swing function of slewing mechanism, the energy consumption on our truck crane has been reduced and the working efficiency has been improved.

The manual proportional control incorporates the advantages of traditional lever control and electric-hydraulic pilot control. It not only reserves the merits of safety & reliability of original control structure and low maintenance cost, but also realizes that the working speed of actuating mechanism is only proportional to the opening degree of control valves rather than affected by the load. Furthermore, it has improved the speed-regulation performance.

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