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XCMG RP1356 Asphalt Concrete Paver


RP1356 intelligent asphalt concrete paver is developed by XCMG, featuring multiple international advanced technologies such as intelligent integrated control, group intelligent combination operation, remote monitoring and precise and efficient paving control. The machine leads the development trend in high technology performance, high reliability and high adaption. It is integrated with the advanced technologies of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, information and communication. The product provides the best solution for the construction enterprises intending to improve the paving quality and operation efficiency, save the original material and energy consumption, and push the group intelligent combined operation mode.   

Excellent paving quality
Advanced control technology
1. The intelligent control system of independent innovation and CAN-BUS technology, operation status and parameter adjustment of accurate control traveling, feeding, separating, vibrating and leveling systems. Among the systems, the information and data could be delivered and exchanged, thus control the systems of the machine accurately and efficiently, improving the flatness of the paver;
2. The intelligent integration control technology features the excellent controlling precision and control; it adopts the advanced GSM/GPRS and GPS communication and location technology, providing the paving management function, remote monitoring, fault diagnose and intelligent service; 
3. The optimized the proportional control ranges of the spiral separation ultrasonic detector improves the continuity and reliability of the spiral separation, and reduces the aggregate segregation of the paving to the lowest; 
4. According to the requirement of the customer, it is equipped with automatic edging, automatic steering and video monitor with the advanced technology in the world. 
Highly accurate leveling technology 
1. It adopts CAN Bus intelligent automatic leveling control system. Multiple-detector ultrasonic non-contact balance beam is equipped with six height sensors. The system measures with 36 detectors;
2. On the premise of paving accuracy and leveling, the new multiple-detector ultrasonic controller could control the paving depth automatically. 
Excellent paving performance
1. The mechanical assembly and hydraulic telescopic screeds both feature dual-vibrating, eccentric vibration and heating functions. The basic width of mechanical assembly screed is 2.5m, and the max. paving width is 12m for the standard configuration, and the max. paving width is 14m for the optional configuration; the hydraulic telescopic screed features 3m-6m stepless flexibility, and the max. paving width is 9m; 
2. It adopts the patented technology of compactness automatic control to reach the optimized matching of vibrating speed and travel speed, improving the uniformity and leveling of the paving; 
3. The vibrating, frame and rod structure feature high rigidity and excellent stability, improving the paving leveling degree. 
Efficient operation
Strong power
1. It adopts Deutz TCD2013L062V of 182KW electric engine, featuring large reserve capacity and meeting the conditions of large load;
2. The engine adopts common rail high-pressure fuel injection system, which could control the fuel ejection time and ejection amount to improve the fuel efficiency and heavy load resistance ability; 
Large capacity hopper
1. 14-ton new hopper with the productivity of 900-ton/hour, and it could meet the requirement even in the rapid paving site; 
2. The long hopper of 2.25m could join with various vehicles on the construction site, providing the paving material smoothly. 
Strong feeding capacity
The right and left material feeding and separation adopt 4 sets of full hydraulic drive, Φ420/360 large diameter spiral blade, large feeding capacity. The feeding capacity of the machine could reach 1000-ton/hour, and could ensure constant feeding even under the requirement of paving depth of 350mm and large paving width. 
High operation efficiency
The operation system delivers large power, strong carrying capacity and great feeding capacity, and meets the requirement of paving depth of 350mm. 
High quality and high reliability
Excellent quality
1. The technical innovation is leading in China, and it adopts CAD, CAPP, CAM, PRO/E systems. With the leading testing equipments and advanced ERP/PLM product period management, the product design and R&D are top in China. 
2. Introduce the international advanced manufacturing technology, and establish the leading product manufacturing system, and own multiple 5-shaft combined processing centers to provide the reliable guarantee for the product quality. 
3. During the product manufacturing, each process must be measured and tested to guarantee the quality. 
Precise configuration
1. It adopts the reliable and advanced imported Deutz TCD2013L062V electric engine, featuring low noise and emission; 
2. The main system adopts the Linde variable plunger pump and closed system imported from Germany, featuring strong carrying capacity, and high drive efficiency; 
3. The integrated traveling drive device consisting of drive motor, planetary reducer and brake features large ground area and strong drive torque and reliable performance. 
Convenient service and maintenance
1. The adjustable control panel is displayed with the super LCD and operated with touch buttons. The function buttons are distributed logically, which are easy to distinguish and operate, featuring excellent human-machine interface; 
2. Multiple direction adjustable and comfortable seat features rigid cabin, smooth type hood with noise reduction and isolation design, ergonomic ladder and handrail, providing comfortable driving environment for the operator; 
3. The innovated automatic integrated lubrication device could lubricate the bearings on all positions in high temperature automatically; 
4. The power unit provides the power. Operate the buttons slightly, and the seat will move rapidly; 
5. The lines are distributed clearly and orderly in the electrical system. All electrical circuit and components are labeled with No. and symbol, which are easy to distinguish, check and repair; 
6. The openable diesel hood and left and right hoods, integrated valve block, and monitoring points are easy to access and convenient for service and maintenance.

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