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Sany SCC1500D Crawler Crane

1. Safety control system:
Two convenient and reliable modes of operation; working and installation, with real-time level display, stop operation braking away from machine, electrical emergency control,anti-lightning protection, automatically walk switches, CCTV monitoring function, complete safety and supervision system;
2. Excellent operating performance:
Load-sensing, limit load regulation and electro-hydraulic proportional micro-speed control make each micro-movement extremely good and operation more stable;
3. Reliable functions assurance:
Key components adopt famous international brands; sufficient safety margin for structural and mechanical design; control system can operate stably in harsh environments such as cold,high temperature, altitude and sandy conditions;
4. Convenient maintenance technology:
It takes approximately no more than 10min/person to adjust;no more than 30min/person for daily maintenance;no more than 2h/person to repair.GPS remote monitoring system is optional for maintenance and management;
5. Powerful lifting capacity:
The maximum lifting capacity of boom is 112.5t*8m=900tm, the longest main boom81m;
6. Efficient self assembly and disassembly technology:
The whole machine can be assembled and disassembled by itself, and the assembly of basic machine only requires 3h; the patented synchronic control technology of one-key lifted mast has independent intellectual property right;
7. Optimized transportation program:
The transportation width of basic machine is only 3m, with a transportation weight of 42t, so it can be transported around the world without limitation;
8. Large-Chassis design:
Track frame which can be broadened, ensuring excellent machine and job stability within the range of 360 degree rotation with a gauge of 6m;
9. Automatic traveling direction:
The crane may travel forward through automatic adjustment after slewing 180o;
10. Fuel heater (optional):
Able to satify low temperature igniation in extremely cold areas;
11. Two-stage filter of engine:
Enable the use of domestic diesel engine;
12. Detection switch for on/off state of butterfly valve:
it is used for preventing the main pump from being sucked off and facilitating maintenance;
13. 100% load travel:
Powerful tracking force and travel smoothness bring the advantages of crawler crane into full play;
14. Broad adaptability:
Meet certification requirements of CE, North America, Australia, Russia and Taiwan; the engine emission complies with the European and U.S. Non-highway Stage 3 Standards.

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