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Sany SCC16000 Crawler Crane

1. Modular design:
Based on the transport unit as designed module, ensure the effective electro-hydraulic connection and the fast connection between modules;
2. Application of high-strength plate:
The main structure can be welded with the 960MPa highstrength steel plate, to reduce the transport weight of single part;the pendant bar is made of 1100MPa high-strength steel plate,thus reducing the section size and the weight;
3. Standard container power unit:
All power systems, control systems, hydraulic systems and cab are installed in the standard container, which is characterized by the compact structure, easy repair and maintenance and convenient transport;
4. Generator group:
220V generator group is equipped to supply the power to the civil air conditioning in the cab and overall crane lighting system;
5. Safe control system:
There are two working and installation modes for convenience and reliability; it is equipped with the ground pressure real-time display and over-speed calculation software system, having the levelness real-time display, shutdown stop action, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, automatic adjustment of traveling direction and closed circuit monitoring functions, as well as all safety and monitor systems, and also equipped with 250G storage hard drive that can save the 120h video data (with a large wide-angle camera);
6. New materials applications:
The aluminum alloy pedals are employed for boom system and platform, thus greatly reducing the boom weight and improving the load capacity;
7. New technology application:
Abolish the traditional superlift counterweight lifting cylinder,realize the superlift counterweight leaving the ground completely through the accurate calculation, and accurately give the utilization of superlift counterweight before leaving the ground;
8. Powerful lifting capacity:
With the maximum lifting weight of 1600t/11m, the maximum lifting moment of 25000t • m, the longest boom of 156m and the longest luffing jib combination of 108m +108 m;
9. High efficient self-assembly techniques:
To support the track frame self-assembly function and the overall crane self-erection function for quick dismantlement and assembly (The installation for the typical 66m +60 m luffing jib operating condition can be completed for 6~7 days using a 250T auxiliary crane based on 8 working hours per day);
10. Convenient maintenance technology:
It takes approximately no more than 10min/person to adjust;no more than 30min/person for daily maintenance;no more than 2h/person to repair.GPS remote monitoring system is optional for maintenance and management;
11. Traveling with 100% load:
Four-wheel drive; power ful traveling traction and smoothness can play the advantage of crawler crane to maximum;
12. Wireless remote control device:
The wireless remote control can be realized for the installation of undercarriage base, beam and track frame as well as the front and rear platforms of superstructure, A-frame, Winch mechanism and superlift mast.

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