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Sany SCC5000WE Crawler Crane

1.This machine is suitable for hoisting all the domestic and foreign integrative 2.0MW wind turbines applied at plains, hills and desert., equipping with the 2.5MW wind turbine capacity; the fixed jib is characterized by the strong loading capacity, larger lifting height and wider working range;
2.The maximum lifting capacity under boom operating condition is 500t/6.3m; the maximum lifting moment is 3400t.m and the longest boom length can be up to 108m, which can be comprehensively comparable with the same level of product in Europe and American; the fixed jib operating condition of FJ102m +12 m is as the standard main operating condition configuration, with the maximum load of 101t. The working radius of 16 ~18m can meet the lifting requirement of wind turbine of 2.0MW, having the sufficient safety margin; the maximum lifting capacity of luffing jib is 235t/11m and the longest boom combination is LJ72m +72 m, which can meet the large equipment installation requirement in petrochemical and steel mills;
3.The whole machine can be disassembled for transportation, with the maximum transport weight of single part without detachable device for chassis and superstructure up to 65.0t; the user can also adopt this detachable device, with the maximum transport weight of single part of 43.5t after disassembly. The boom package can be adopted for transportation, to decrease the number of transport vehicles, saving the more transport cost for user;
4.The maturely promoted Sany movable counterweight technology is used for the advanced gravi t y center control system, successfully achieving the overall gravity center control under the movable counterweight condition and grounding specific pressure real-time display;
5.The orbital transfer chassis is adopted, with optional track gauge of 5.4 ~ 8.2m; the track four-wheel drive is used, with board width of 1400mm and powerful traction;
6.The traveling speed is 1.5km / h; and the normally closed hydraulic motor reducer and balance valve are both imported from Germany;
7. The use of movable counterweight and front outrigger can maximize the lifting capacity of digging crane;
8. The main boom is made of high-strength fine imported steel pipe; the pull board is made of high-strength fine grained steel plate; and the key structural components are made of high-strength steel;
9. The imported wire rope and welded rolling pulleys are used; moreover, the double-winch synchronization lifting can be achieved through mechanical drum, with high efficiency.
10. The diesel tank has a larger volume, equipping with the diesel heating pump and fuel heating device, which is characterized by the good cold start performance;
11. The full electrically closed hydraulic system is adopted, to achieve the power limit adjustment control; the full real-time matching is for the hydraulic system and engine powder, with hydraulic safety features; all actuators are characterized by the excellent mobility and stable performance and the back-stop system maintaining pressure is more reliable;
12. The SYMC electronic control system with proprietary right is adopted, with perfect logic control and limit functions, achieving the organic integration of bus,control, display and cable quick connector for good electrical maintenance and high reliability;
13. The GPS data remote monitoring system can achieve the GPRS remote data monitoring and locking function;
14.The system fault alarm cycle storage can be achieved for fault record, with the amount of not less than 1000;
15.The engine emission meets the requirement of European non-road mobile equipment Tier II, with cab ear noise of 85dB and environmental noise of 110dB.

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