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Sany SCC8300 Crawler Crane

1. Environment adaptation:
The crane can work in the environment between -30°C and 50°C and can be operated at the altitude less than 2000m as well as in the extreme windy areas(only after installing some optional parts);
2. Mechanism parameters:
With the boom luffing time of 2min, the main hoisting speed of 140m/min, the swing speed of 1.85r / min and the travel speed of 1.3 km/h;
3. Basic machine disassembly:
The winch can be dragged by the clutch for easy reeving,to remotely control the assembly and disassembly of main machine, to support the self assembly and disassembly of the whole machine, with the quick-change rope connectors and winch wire rope head used;
4. Configuration features:
With GPS remote monitoring system and vibration handle, and with traveling with 100% load allowed;
5. Environmental protection standard:
The engine emissions should meet the requirement of Europe and America Stage 3 standard; the noise should comply with the 2000/14/EC about the outdoor equipment noise emission directive and the vibration should meet the requirement of ISO2631- relative standard directive;
6. Maintenance:
It takes approximately no more than 30min/person for routine maintenance;
7. Control system:
There aretwo operation/installation models. It has the center of gravity of machine and levelness real-time display, machineleaving stop action, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, and closed-circuit monitoring functions, and is equipped with the electrical and mechanical protective devices;
8. Operating conditions combination:
The boom rated lifting capacity is 300t and the rated lifting moment is 1650Nm. There are seven operating conditions: H operating condition (20m~92m), combined boom operating condition (58m~100m), luffing jib operating condition (62m+66m), fixed jib operating condition (68m+42m), heavy fixed jib operating condition (74m+18m), combined boom + fixed jib operating condition (88m+37m), and boom + luffing jib + fixed jib operating condition (62m+60m+37m);
9. Counterweight combination:
The central counterweight can be interchanged with the rear counterweight, having series 1 (without central counterweight) and series 2 (with central counterweight) counterweight program;
10. Man-machine design:
The cab is spacious and bright, with a wide view and with pitching allowed; and the control lever and panels arrangement meets the requirement of man-machine design;
11. Optimization design:
The machine is designed according to the ANSI B30.5 and GB3811 standards, with the transport dimension and weight complying with the domestic and international road transport regulations, having the universal design to ensure the Euro III emission upgrade to Euro IV emission;
12. Electrical control system:
The fully electrically controlled system is adopted, with selfdiagnostic function, equipped with the electrical backup system;
13. Lubrication system:
The centralized lubrication system automatically controlled is adopted, with automatic lubrication for key moving parts.

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