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 Changsha, Hunan

The series of SANY Rotary Drilling Rig are hi-efficiency pore-creating drilling equipment for pile foundation construction, suitable for base foundation construction such as high-rise buildings, bridges and hydraulic construction.
With the advantages of famous brand drills at home and broad in design and technique, it has the same performance parameters as the international-level products of its kind. And the international brand-name products are employed for its key components. The machine is convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to comfortable and safe operations.
The main body structure is designed rationally and has high hardness, which effectively ensures the durability and firmness, and impact and vibration resistance, especially the dynamic head can provide enormous torque, thus promoting the operation efficiency.
With multi-choice of drill rods, it can use various drilling bits and tools, resulting in broad construction choice. It is suitable for construction in clay, gravel, pebble, middle weathered stone and plateau frozen soil strata and can provide solution of construction in the pebble bed which cannot be carried out by ordinary drills.  
Due to the adoption of CAT C-9 electrojet turbine engine with supercharged intercooler, it has high reliability and economical fuel consumption.
Auto acceleration/deceleration functions, resulting in 5-10% fuel costs reduction. Once operation stoppage, the speed of engines will automatically decelerate to save fuels, and when restarting, the speed of engine could automatically resume to its setting value.
Reliable system assurance: the international brand-name Rerxroth hydraulic system and electro-hydraulic pilot control can automatically adjust the verticality of mast, EMC e-module real-time monitoring, 16 alarm functions, PLC program controlling working state of drills and newly-designed safety cooling system can satisfy working conditions and environment, also reliable Grade 3 alarm monitoring system can guarantee normal operation of drills.

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