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 Changsha, Hunan

·Characteristics of fork truck
Modern industrial product design & unique and exquisite shape
Elegantly-designed operating board
Strong power ensuring efficient work, emission meets international standard
Integrated central control case ensuring the reliability of electric system
Custom-built digital instrument with self-diagnostic function
Load monitoring function(optional)
Auto-levelling function of fork(optional)
Hi-lo buffer of fork ensures the stability and security of cargo(optional)
Ergonomically-designed fork truck makes operation easier and more convenient
The electro-hydraulic shift control lessens operator's labor intensity
Adjustable device for adjusting steering angle provides driver with optimal operating condition
Hydraulics with low noise
Suspension machine body provides perfect damping capacity
Ergonomically-designed fatigue-resistant seat lessens largely operator's fatigue
The safety design meets CE requirements and secures the safety of property and persons at the most
Safe operation, capable of protecting operator from dislocation
When the engine stops, it has protection against fork front-tipping
Engine displacement meets EC requirements
Energy-saving hydraulic system decreases oil consumption
The use of liquid gas for fuel makes the work of fork truck clean and pollution-free
High-pressure-resistant hydraulic pipelines are provided with reliable seal and no oil leakage.We apply international universal standard ISO8434-1 for our pipelines
Anti-explosion safety cut-off valve for pipes & self-locking device to  protect gantry from inclination
·The availability to choose different engine for our fork trucks
Yanmar 4TNE98, Nissan H25, IsuzuC240PKJ, 4JG2 and CA498
·Optional working equipment
3 to 6-meter gantry, three-phase gantry, free-lift gantry, cabin, side shifter clamp, curve clamp, jib, connecting bar and so on

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